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Lost my repeat attributes
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Posted: Dec 01, 2010
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Well, I am giving up on my Outlook / Toodledo / GotToDo mess - I lost most of the repeat attributes on my tasks. I realize Toodledo does not make the sync components - but Outlook is my main task manager, and if I cannot rely on this all working, it's so long Toodledo and GotToDo. I wonder if I can get back the money I just wasted on my recently renewed Pro subscription.

I suspect it's Chromatic Dragon's sync component between Outlook and Toodledo - it's always been troublesome, often not moving updates from Toodledo down to Outlook ... but WHO KNOWS? There is no way to debug this kludge, no logging of sync activity, ...


Posted: Dec 01, 2010
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There is another sync tool for Outlook. Check out this post:

I haven't used it and have no idea of its reliability but perhaps it's worth a look. There is also at least one other Android app that syncs with Toodledo so you might find an alternative there.

I don't suppose you are able to stop using Outlook? I ditched it over a year ago for tasks because it was just too cumbersome. I've also ditched it for personal email and now just use GMail. I love having my data in the cloud.

I'm stuck with Outlook at work but only for mail and calendar, but thankfully the iPhone supports both of those nicely.
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