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Hotlist not working as it should
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Posted: Nov 11, 2008
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Lately my Hotlist is showing too many tasks dated into the future, and I'm not sure why. I have the settings on the web site for medium and higher, and only the next 5 days out or earlier. I have taks from months away showing up.

I'm wondering if syncing with Todo on my iphone is doing anything? The data on the web site is still the same though. Anyone else?

UPDATE: Actually, no list is working as it should. It used to be that if something was due =11/27/08 say, then it wouldn't show up until then. Now it does. I made sure that I have the Future Tasks set to off in the filter area too. What's going on here?

UPDATE 2: Alright, this is driving me nuts. I started putting start dates on the offending items and they would then disappear from the list. Does the = or > symbol in front of the due date no longer work??? It used to as of a few days ago! Why is "Call Mom and wish her a Happy Birthday =Dec 13, 2008" showing up in my hotlist? Even if I didn't have the equal sign, that's a bit more than 5 days out. Now the iPhone app isn't showing the same number of tasks as the web site. Something is really screwed up. Also, I tried purging completed tasks on the iphone app, and it seemed to be working after that (hotlist showed like 5 items), but as soon as it synced again, back to 40 items. Weird.

Ok, I'm an idiot!!! I had the hotlist set to medium or above, so it was showing too much. I knew it had to me me!!!

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 11, 2008
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Glad you figured it out.
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