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Posted: Jan 08, 2011
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In a future update, is it poissible to make it so the checkbox for a particular folder, or even in the view settings can be elimintated, or a way to mark a task as more of a NOTE.

I have used some folders to make lists more like contact liss.. they are not tasks to be done.. just lists.. using prioroity etc

It would be nice if there was a way to make it so these dont show as actual TO DO items when I logon... I know a negative priority should hide them but I use that field for organization...

Any ideas to do this now, or a way to add this feature?


Posted: Jan 08, 2011
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Have you tried using the 'Notebook' section for storing such items?

P.S. : ToodleDo is a 'To-do' list management system.

Posted: Jan 09, 2011
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I recently converted my notebook entries into tasks in a single folder called "Reference", so I understand the OP's concern. In my system, my only issue with the check-box is that I might inadvertently check a reference note as done on my iPhone. I created a custom search (checked off=yes, folder=Reference) that I quickly check during my Weekly Review... although I've yet to catch one.

As to why I put reference info into my task system, the main reasons are simple: quicker searching, and the ability to search everything at once. No matter where I am in Toodledo, I can type '1' to get the 'all' tab and 'f' to search.

One drawback: task search only searches titles, whereas notebook search searches note content too... at least on the web, so task note searching requires a custom search.

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