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Posted: Sep 14, 2011
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I've seen some references here lately about TD Dashboards. Definitely not the same thing, but I'm using TD as part of a dashboard I've created in Novell Groupwise 8. It has the capability to create a dashboard in the Home view. Below is a snapshot of the Home view I'm currently using that other GW users might find useful. I haven't used Outloook in years, so I don't know if it has any similar feature to which this can be adapted. GW is feature rich, but very convoluted to use, in my experience. But once I realized all I could do with it, I have warmed to it somewhat.

Here is my GW dashboard.

It's created by going to the Home view, and and doing "View, Display Settings, Edit/Create". In that menu, you can name it (Mine's called "Dashboard"), then select the "View by" option, "Panels". A kind of complex, but pretty intuitive, dialog box shows up, where you select the number of columns you'd like (this one is 3) and then allows you to create "panels", which are just different views of your information. In my example, I have my calendar in the upper left, which displays today's appointments (which is one of those strange GW things, in that it's a "Week" view, set to display one day, so it shows Reminders as well. It could show Tasks, but I display them elsewhere, as I'll describe below). I've sized the Panel to display just what I need and no more.

Below the Calendar panel is another Calendar panel which shows upcoming appointments in a list format, so I can see what's coming up in the next week. Of course, this can be set to any time frame you desire

In the center is a panel that displays my TD app. I can see my entire TD display and even make edits, though this is not usually, unless they're small edits, done (it refreshes too frequently to make more involved edits. You can set a longer refresh time, but it's over-ridden by other factors and still refreshes too often). So I set up today's list while in my browser, then use GW to display it as I work and mark tasks complete. Still very handy.

It's created simply by creating a GW panel, and selecting the option to base it on a web page, then entering the URL. Simple.

On the upper right, I have an Unread Mailbox panel, which displays only unread emails as they come in. That alone will do for many, but I also use it to mark emails that require some kind of attention. I've made this list a GW Tasklist, one of the formats you can make any panel. What this does is makes it very easy to make an email, or even an incoming appointment, a task, simply by dragging it from the list below up to the top of the list. It automatically becomes a task. (This is useful if I need to prepare for an appointment, and want to remind myself to do so and keep notes on what needs to be done and/or is done.) However, it will only stay there for a very short while after you open and read it, since this is an "Unread Messages" Panel. You can see an email that has been made into a task at the very top of the upper right "Unread email" panel, with the checkbox on it's left. It also appears below, in my tasklist.

That's what the last panel, on the lower right is. It's a Tasklist basked on the Tasks folder (all views, except Home, are based on one of the Folders, so you have to make sure you have created the necessary Folders in order to create your dashboard). So the tasks that I've created by dragging an email or appointment to the top of the Unread Messages panel will immediately appear in the "Tasks" panel, and will remain there until they are checked off (when completed tasks disappear from the list depends on other settings in GW).

So this is a dashboard which shows me what my appointments are for today, upcoming appointments a week out, my major tasks in TD, my unread emails, and my minor tasks, like emails that need a reply, in one place. I find it very handy.

Of course, I also have in GW, my regular email inbox, calendar, etc., to which I can refer when I need to see more detail than my dashboard offers.

Maybe it will be helpful to other users of GW, if there are any out there! :)

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Posted: Sep 15, 2011
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I'm not seeing a picture...

Posted: Sep 15, 2011
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Posted by ben:
I'm not seeing a picture...

I can't think why. I even tested getting this pic in before I posted this message, and it worked fine there too. So I think it's probably something on your end. Do you see images that others' have posted?
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