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Posted: Dec 20, 2011
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Check out an article I posted, which talks about how I employ Toodledo along with GTD concepts to put a harness around daily data overflow. See if this could help you simplify your life:

Posted: Dec 20, 2011
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Thanks for sharing. Your system is very well thought out. It's nice to see the entire workflow process and how Toodledo ties into it.

Posted: Feb 14, 2012
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Thanks for posting this. I'm working on fine-tuning my use of toodledo. GTD is on my list to look into further.

Posted: Mar 05, 2012
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Great stuff here.

I'm like you in that I've been playing with some PIM or another since 1999 (yes, it was a Palm) and now I find myself using a host of products that...again like you...includes Toodledo, Gmail, Gdocs, Evernote, among others. Instapaper.

Collectively, I've accepted these various tools along with my UCD, paper files, bulletin boards, white boards, etc. as my "extended mind" (which we all know is a better place to keep things than "psychic ram") with Toodledo being the root directory that keeps them synchronized via periodic "crawl" reviews and "scan" reviews (these are of course repeating taskers in different contexts).

You've gotten a lot farther than I have, though, where the rubber meets the road - action. Well done. Will be rereading your article again more slowly here soon (web clipped via Evernote, forcing me to evaluate again during weekly review when I process untagged, unfiled notes).

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Posted: Mar 06, 2012
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Thank you. My head was swimming reading it, but I'm thrilled I can go back and digest it in small doses later.

Posted: Mar 29, 2012
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This is great. Thanks for sharing.

Posted: May 07, 2012
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I liked the effort you are giving :)

Posted: Oct 11, 2012
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awsome, thx
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