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Referencing Local Files in Task Notes
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Norman J.

Posted: Jun 24, 2013
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when I work on projects or tasks I often have to reference sensitive files like a bill, a certificate of an insurence company, ... All kind of data or documents I wouldn't like to upload to Google Drive without an encription.
I stored these kind of information in a true crypt container which I have uploaded to a cloud drive like 'HiDrive'. This way I can access the data from mostly every computer (home, work, relatives, ...) by mounting the remote stored file via SMB as a local drive.

The remaining question was how to link the data with my tasks and projects. My first intention was to use the <a href="file:/... command in the task note but there were 2 problems.

The first problem was how to create valid uris from file system paths. By using the extensions 'lst2clip' for my beloved 'TotalCommander' it is very easy to create valid uris.

The second problem was that 'FireFox' prevents the opening of local files from remote websites for security reasons by default. So I had to configre the browser to open links to local files from

The remaining question was how to link the task with the file. So I tried to use the a href again and it worked quite well.

So it is possible to store files securely in a encrypted container on a cloud drive of your choice and link the stored refrence data to any task.



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Posted: Jun 24, 2013
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Norman nice tip. Please be aware that some browsers handle the file references differently. (i.e. IE vs. Chrome). Have you tested this in other browses?
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