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How do you use Toodledo?
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Posted: Jul 10, 2009
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I haven't found a topic on this yet I love reading about how other people use their task managers so I thought I would start one off.

I'm not a GTD fanatic, I've never read David Allen's book (yet am constantly hearing about it) and really like to do things my own way. Thank jeebus for Toodledo because otherwise I'm entering contexts, projects, and start times that I just don't need.

Since using the Toodledo iPhone application I've found that I really don't work in contexts and I actually don't have to. I work in schedules. For instance, if I have something set at a certain due time, I will start it at that due time. I usually don't know how long some tasks might take and I don't know how long I'll be working on them, but I do know when I should start the next task. Instead of start times, I just say when starting the next task is due. Now that I've typed that out, it doesn't make much sense...might be time to reconsider my workflow!

I use Tags for things like Wish List, Errands, etc. It helps when I just need a list of things to check off in certain situations, other than using the context to see "if I'm in this area, then I should do this".

My projects are the top-tier task of a chain of subtasks. For instance, if I need to implement the building blocks of a website, I have a bunch of subtasks that allow me to do that and then I check off the top task once everything is completed (kinda a no-brainer).

I'm starting to get into the Goals / Chaining system - I think it's a very good thing to help keep anyone motivated.

How do you work? I'm actually very interested!

Posted: Jul 23, 2009
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I use it with Firefox's Prism add on. It makes it like a stand-alone desktop app. It's much better than that Adobe Air app - ToodleAir - that's out there. That's not worth much to me.

Prism addon:

Posted: Jul 24, 2009
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The great thing about Toodledo is the flexibility it provides. This makes Toodledo fit into just about any workable solution that someone could want.

There are some fundamental things that need to be fixed regardless of how you use Toodledo, but they are on it. (Subtask/Projects)

I am a GTDer and have read David Allen's book 3 times now. I am going to purchase the new book soon. (it's on my list)

You mentioned that you don't use GTD and like doing things your way. That is great, but I wanted to mention that GTD is also flexible and many implement it differently. Some use all the GTD Concepts and some don't.

The idea behind GTD is actually very simple and once you read the book and understand it, it makes a lot of sense. There are also other systems out there that work for others, so it's all based on your preference.

I won't take the time to explain how I use GTD with Toodledo because it will take more time than I have right now, but I do recommend you search the Forums. The users on Toodledo are all very sharp and provide great insight to how they use Toodledo. I have learned so much from everyone here.

Have fun with it.

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