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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jul 17, 2009
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This forum is for sharing ways that you use Toodledo to stay organized. Do you have a unique way of using tags, or a clever method for deciding what to to next? Please let us know.

Keep in mind, that the Toodledo developers may not read all the messages in this area, so if you want our input or if something needs our attention please let us know.

Posted: Jan 11, 2010
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Hi Guys

just bought and statrted using teh Iphone and one of th most important things I want to do is to sync my outlook taks to the phone.

My main office computer is a stand alone and does not use exchange.

I have got toodle on the phone and it is syncing tasks but does not show them in outlook catagoties.

Is there soemn way of getting all teh categaries to sync into folders.

Any help would be most appreciated


Posted: Feb 02, 2010
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Hi, I'm in a similar situation as Seadog. I have a 64GB iPod Touch. I use Exchange at work with Office 2010. I also want to sync my home computer, where I have Outlook 2007 and Hotmail.

I've installed Pocket Informant, Google Calendar, and ToodleDo and have been able to sync everything on my iPod. I'm not sure I'm getting the experience I want.

I've used two different Palm's and an HP iPaq over the years. Now if I could only work out the puzzle pieces to get my iPod working.

thanks in advance for help and advice.


Posted: Feb 02, 2010
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Hi Gwen,

If you are wanting to sync Toodledo with Outlook, you will need to download and install a third-party application. More details can be found here:

I don't use this software so can't comment on the previous poster's question about categories/folders.

For what it's worth, I gave up using Outlook's Tasks for task management. It was just too light-weight and in any case, there is no default Task app on the iPhone or iPod Touch anyway.

I've found that using Toodledo online and Appigo Todo on the iPhone to be a great combo as I can sync via the cloud automatically no matter where I am.

In terms of calendars, my iPhone syncs with my work Exchange server and for home, I use MobileMe to sync. This works well.
Yodeling School - Loriot Post deleted
Yodeling School - Loriot

Posted: Feb 22, 2010
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just want to hide one context when work is over.

The rest of the contexts should be able to remain.
This would be in the main view, not in context view.

At 3pm I throw down my toolbelt like the Flintstones and don't need to think about work anymore. the other stuff remains all the time.
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