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Success Stories and experiences how Toodledo improved your life
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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 15, 2022
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Dear community,

We would love to hear how you use toodledo in your daily life. How has toodledo improved your life? Please share your story with the community and help grow this amazingly knowledgeable user base!

Posted: Jun 22, 2022
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In your latest email update you informed us that last weekend the latest version of the mobile app was relased. In the appstore I see as the latetest relase 3.4.1 from one year ago. How come there is a difference and will they be a update soon by the appstore? Greets Martin

Posted: Jun 22, 2022
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I've been using Toodledo since 2012, and I use it to record any tasks that I don't want to forget.
Although such usage does not really come as a surprise for a tool like Toodledo, it still gives me some very comfortable reassurance that "things" are monitored.

It made my life easier no longer bothering to remember anything like nice-to-have or important things, short-term or long-term tasks, things like ...

... regular maintenance tasks in the house
... notice periods of contracts (energy, streaming, ...)
... keeping reminders for birthday congratulations until I really congratulated belated
... expiration dates of important ID cards
... have a reminder for next vaccination dates
... expiration dates of the first-aid kit in the car
... etc. etc.

To enable efficient sharing, everything is arranged around folders for topics like "contracts". Each folder has one dummy task that is shared with my wife's Toodledo account, and we actually only use subtasks because these are automatically shared this way, without the need to think of establishing sharing once a new task is created.

So together with ...

... mighty and highly flexible repetitions (repeat from due/completion date),
... start and due date
... an export capability,
... a well-arranged, efficient, quick Web GUI (lots of content shown in parallel, not wasting screen space, very few mouse clicks to interact)
... and API access (for my own or 3rd party applications)

Toodledo is still EXACTLY what I need and it's EXACTLY how I like it. No other service that I ever looked at when Toodledo's future seemed unsafe ticked all those boxes (simple as they should be).

So for me, it's still just perfect.

Posted: Jun 22, 2022
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The IOS app:

Feature Request: Dark mode support
It would be great to get support for a dark mode on IOS.

Bug Report: Notes do not load
I can see my notes on the browser, but the app doesn't see any of the notes. It just says there are none.

Thank you!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 22, 2022
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Posted by maarten.pavoordt:
In your latest email update you informed us that last weekend the latest version of the mobile app was relased. In the appstore I see as the latetest relase 3.4.1 from one year ago. How come there is a difference and will they be a update soon by the appstore? Greets Martin


Here is the thread and how to obtain the latest build: .html

REMINDER: Please make sure to back up your data regularly (

***To Join the iOS Beta App Preview***

1. Install TestFlight on the iOS or iPadOS device that you’ll use for testing (

2. Open this beta link on your iPhone or iPad:

3. In order to make sure you get the latest updates as we push them out, make sure to turn on Automatic Updates.

Open TestFlight and go to the app’s page.
Under App Information, turn Automatic Updates On or Off.

***To Join the Android Beta App Preview***

To join the Android Beta Test, please visit the following link

We would appreciate it if you could post feedback at our roadmap site to the "Next Generation Mobile App Features" board. This will help us better manage all the feedback that we are getting in various places and let you see what has already been reported by other users and add your votes to suggestions that will have the greatest impact for you.

Thank you!

The Toodledo Team

Posted: Jun 23, 2022
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I've used Toodledo for over 10 years now. But to be honest, I mainly use it as a backend and use the Android app, Ultimate Todo List as my interface.

I'll list the main reasons I use Ultimate ToDo List here in hopes that some of these features can be incorporated into Toodledo as it would be nice to just use one app and Ultimate ToDo List isn't actively supported anymore.

-allows for different widgets on the homescreen - one widget shoes my tasks with no context and this is basically my GTD inbox. If there is a task in this widget on my homescreen, it's a prompt that it needs to be processed. I then have a second widget that shows my starred tasks and this is a list of tasks I've decided I'm going to do today so it's always front and center.

-saved searches - I can search for tasks with a certain context or multiple contexts, that have a specific start date or due date, a certain folder, etc. and quickly get back to that search.

-Wear OS App - has a Wear OS App where I can choose what list to show. I often pull up all my starred tasks and have the list on my watch to work off of

-more robust repeating tasks, can repeat based on completion date or due date

Finally a big part of my work flow is using IFTT with Toodledo and Google Assistant so that I can say to my watch, phone, or any of my Google Home devices: Ok Google, Note to Self: take the garbage out.

The one feature that often has me looking to move to a different platform is more robust voice adding of tasks. I've often looked to move to Todoist and pay a monthly fee for the ability to enter a task with voice through Google Assistant and enter more criteria such as start date, due date, context, starred status etc. However, I would lose my widgets mentioned above which is not a trade off I'm willing to take so I've stuck with Toodledo and Ultimate ToDo LIst for 10+ years now.

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Posted: Jun 29, 2022
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I am a little bit ADD. (Narrator: a LOT ADD)

I recently "retired" after a long career with a Fortune 500 company. It would have been a short career without good task management. In my early years, I created a simple to-do list using HyperCard on a Macintosh. As time went on, I modified the tool until it was tailored just for me. It was exactly what I needed.

Hypercard went away and so did my great little app. I made do with Outlook's To dos for a while, then they changed. I tried to use notebooks. That didn't work well, but it kept me limping along. At some point I discovered ToodleDo. It had all the same characteristics as my HyperCard to-do list, additional features like folders and locations, it worked across all my devices, plus it had habits. It put me back in the saddle.

I left that Fortune 500 company two years ago, and now that I am on my own, continue to faithfully use ToodleDo to track my world. It keeps me off the (figurative) street, and helps me be productive as I work towards getting my book published.

Toodledo was the right tool at the right time in my liife.

Posted: Jul 03, 2022
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I've been using Toodledo for over a decade. I use it to implement a Getting Things Done (GTD) system. I don't think I could live my life as happily or productively without this combination of Toodledo/GTD. I love that I can quickly record tasks, ideas, projects (mind dumps) - whether on my computer or portable device. Toodledo's ability to nest subtasks is perfect for creating and executing Projects. I've tried at least a dozen other software/cloudware providers and nothing works as well as Toodledo for GTD. Toodledo is Best in Class.

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