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Multi-edit workaround, (stars > temp > (multi-edit)... > restar)
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Transisto (redemption)

Posted: Aug 22, 2010
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The trick is simply to use star as a quick way to select task for multi-edit.

Save a search called : Starred
checked off,: NO
Starred : YES

Save your starred items elsewhere by Multi-editing the results of "Starred" with something you will never use because you will overwrite data of that field,
Ex : If you're to never use Folders for example use Folder:Starred or TAG:WasStarred (I use Status:Cancelled)

Then use two broswers, one with "Starred search / multi-edit" and another with normal view to "star" check them.
Note : When multi editing for good you have to "Star:NO" every time,

Note : Be carefull, because editing TAGs will replace all the previous tags,,, (This problem has already been reported) here

(To have your stars back again)
a search for Folder:Starred or Tag:WasStared
checked off,: NO

Tip 2 : Never! wait for features or changes,(However small it is) move on...

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Posted: Aug 25, 2010
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Hi, Transisto.

That's good.

* Feature request *
I hope another star is added for a task.
I think it is usuful for a task to have two stars.


Posted: Feb 12, 2011
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If you have Greasemonkey or Chrome, you can install the userscript after the jump, which will allow for you to multi edit without giving up the possibility of starring tasks:

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Posted: Feb 13, 2011
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Yeah, just that it doesn't work on Chrome yet.

Posted: Feb 23, 2011
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Apparently, you can now install userscripts directly to Chrome. I have installed the Multi Edit script and it shows up as an Extension. Only problem is I have know idea what to do next. Any advice?


Posted: Feb 23, 2011
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Just 'installing' is not enough. It's been long since you could install scripts directly to chrome, but not all of them world work. The script author has to make it compatible for Chrome, and Google makes it difficult for them to do so. The only advice I have right now is to contact the author and ask for Chrome support :)

Posted: Feb 23, 2011
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The script author is not re-writing it for Chrome :(

See this thread:

Posted: Feb 23, 2011
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I will ask papagayo(the author) for the permission to update it (or to help him update it) to work with both FF and Chrome when I get some time.
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