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The Clock of Life
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Posted: Dec 08, 2012
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The Clock of Life

A long time ago the thought occurred to me that too many people spend their time wishing their lives away, worrying about or trying to solve various obscure problems that either don’t exist or are generally inconsequential in their overall happiness and well being. For example as children we go to school but can’t wait to finish, we then move on to college or university with the same thoughts, finally we end up in the work place looking forward to the end of the week and Friday night and so on. This condition affects all people regardless of class or social standing.
With this thought in my mind i started to ask my friends, if they also felt this way about wishing their lives away to which most of them agreed that they do, i then put it to them would they live their lives differently if they got up in the morning and went to the kitchen where they had a clock that didn’t show how many hours they had left that day before they finish work, but a clock that tells them how many days they have left in this world! A clock that runs anti clockwise ticking down the days you have left until the reaper comes a calling. The overall consensus was that yes it would make you start to think about how precious life is and how important it is to make the most of every day.
With this in mind i was inspired to start making such clocks, obviously i am not Nostradamus or any other kind of fortune teller, and i certainly don’t pretend to be able to accurately predict the lifespan of each and every human.
However i have studied the parameters that can affect the duration of life and after identifying 20 key factors i have calculated an algorithm that reflects the lifespan of modern people based on their lifestyle choices. I have taken my calculations and with the help of a colleague we created software that is suitable as a mobile phone application to which i have the copyright.
Once a person opens up the application they will be asked a series of questions:
Do you regularly exercise?
What is you BMI?
Are you male or female? Etc
After answering all the questions the application will generate a clock that runs in the opposite direction to standard time pieces showing you how precious seconds, hours, days, months and years of your life are ebbing away cumulating in the date of your death as predicted by my algorithm.
Every 24 hours the clock will show that you are one day closer to passing over.
A person may go through the test again at any time this may be required if some major life style changes are made.
The first people who will be able to get the “clock of life” application will be Apple iOS users.
Version one of “the clock of life” will be available in English, Russian and Chinese.

Posted: Jan 13, 2013
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Sounds interesting - but don't forget the obvious and let us all put in our own deadline. If my life goal is to retire at 50 (no chance now...) then I know when to set my deadline.

Also - most of us have families - so one clock in the kitchen won't have a wide market because it's like that Heart shaped mirror my wife has put in the hall... sooner or later I'm going to get rid of it... or drop it...

Nice concept though.
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