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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 08, 2008
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Do you have any time management techniques that you use outside of Toodledo? Have you heard of some new interesting productivity tool that you think other people would interested in? Please share your ideas and experiences here.

Posted: Mar 11, 2008
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Last year, I was required to use a day planner for one of my classes. The class was about how to effectively organize your time and general tips for learning more effectively. We spent a lot of time using our day planners to list tasks that we were gonna do and we were encouraged to break tasks down into smaller tasks.

Example: instead of I'm gonna learn to a programming language. Do one or two sections a day and spend quite a bit of time practicing that before moving on to the next section.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place. :)

~James :)

Posted: Mar 15, 2008
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Try this out
typing automation tool, intended to make your work faster

one of my favorites

Posted: Mar 26, 2008
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The thing that has changed my productivity and my life has been the iPhone. I had been holding out on getting a smart phone because they didn't quite do what I wanted. Then I heard a continuous rumor that Apple was developing the iPhone so on my birthday this year it appeared. It was meant to be. Trying to organize my life around this new tool led me to GTD which led me to Toodledo on my iPhone. I wouldn't have found it had I not been induced by my new tool & the extra time constraints of a baby. It changed the way I work, the way I spend those never ending waiting periods in life and my connectivity. I always know what I'm doing, where I am and where I'm going. I can work anywhere and I never have to waste time unless I want to. It was exactly what I was waiting for and has exceeded all my expectations. Toodledo has been a very large part of that. To me they are one in the same. Without Toodledo the iPhone would not be as functional, but the two together are phenomenal.
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