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Posted: Apr 06, 2008
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I'm curious to see what people use to track their time and activities on a daily basis. I'll go first: -- obviously. -- tracks daily and weekly habits, good for weightwatching.
google calendar -- best notification and integration for calendar events. -- keeps track of where I use my time (some interesting stats)
leechblock -- a Firefox addon that prevents me from reading blogs instead of getting work done.

Posted: Apr 07, 2008
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will, that pretty much covers what I am using, except for one addition: -- i use this as my reference material system (everything interesting but not directly task-related goes in there)

Posted: Apr 07, 2008
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Ooo, good catch. I've been using Google Notebook for that.

Posted: Apr 10, 2008
Score: 1 Reference - check! - check! Too bad the java charts seem to lag me immensely lately, I haven't been able to see my progress... -- for awesome time tracking, both in accumulated time towards projects and tasks and in showing what I did at what time of day (I was curious about "gaps" in progress)

The Journal -- for tracking and describing progress on habits and goals and projects, and reference material and stuff

Twitter -- for uh.. randomly reporting what I'm doing? :P

Posted: Apr 13, 2008
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Toodledo, of course.

The Journal - I'm with you on this one, Qrystal.

Joe's Goals - simple but effective. Puts a big guilt trip on me at times, though!

G-Cal - Not as good as it can be, but hey - it IS free.

Evernote, but V. 2.2.1 -- the new beta will cause me to leave it, though. They are making a Web 2.0 subscription out of Evernote, and you must keep your files online on their server. Also canned most of the advanced features from V. 2.X and "dumbed" it down. Not me. Moving to OneNote 2007, which I also use. (And I was an original Evernote beta tester).

Rescue Time?? Have to look at it...

Twitter? No good for me. Never could figure out why anyone wants to post what they are doing all the time!


Posted: May 11, 2008
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Passpack - store credit card info, passwords, handy numbers et..

Posted: May 11, 2008
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The Journal - A real offline one? Or do you have a URL?

Posted: May 12, 2008
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The Journal: Yes, a real offline one. :)

The 45-day full-featured free trial won me over in 9 days...

Posted: Jun 02, 2008
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I also use Cozi to organize family stuff, mostly our calendar. It has a great integration with Outlook. Anything you add into Cozi gets synched to your outlook and marked private so your co-workers can't see. You can set rules as to which appointments from your work calendar go onto your Cozi calendar automatically. I then also have a view setting in Outlook that displays all my personal stuff in another color.

I've tried Google calendar but couldn't find an easy way to sync to Outlook just for certain appointments. Do others synch it to Outlook or have a better way?

Cozi has other stuff that I don't use as much because they don't have a WAP interface or email integration (although you can get your schedule and shopping lists over the phone - either read to you or texted to your phone).

I also love Google Reader mobile for my gap time.

Posted: Jun 02, 2008
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Posted by jcwhal:

I've tried Google calendar but couldn't find an easy way to sync to Outlook just for certain appointments. Do others synch it to Outlook or have a better way?

I use Google Calendar Sync to sync with Outlook. It works really well. Here is the link:

Posted: Aug 28, 2008
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Sync Google Calendar to Outlook for just a category: Use SyncMyCal.

I looked everywhere for a better sync between Outlook at Google calendars. Finally found one that could sync to Google Cal for only specific category: SyncMyCal.

Posted: Dec 28, 2008
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How about

I've used this for Syncing my Treo 700P to my Google Calendar and it works quite well for my personal calendar. I don't use Outlook so I haven't tested it for Outlook. Now if it would syncronize the Toodledo Task list with the Treo Task list that would be awesome, but it doesn, so I am using the web based version for now.

Posted: Jan 01, 2009
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I use Toodledo and Todo

I think Toodledo is need perfect, but I would like to be able to use bullet points a lot easier like Notebook and a better way to use bold and italic like word.


Posted: Jan 08, 2009
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Thanks for the sites I joined a few lets hope it picks up my productivity.

Posted: Jan 13, 2009
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i also enjoy google notebook to keep ideas on specific projects

Posted: Feb 23, 2009
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Google Notebook is being dropped by Google. Good time to switch over to Evernote.

Twitter - I use it to add task to my Toodledo from my cell phone via. txt message. Never used it to update anyone on what I am doing all the time.

If you like time tracking. Check this out...
Vin Thomas

Posted: Feb 23, 2009
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Toodledo - Task Management

Google Calendar - Calendar

Gmail - Email

Dial2do - Phone tasks, emails, calendar, text messages (integrates with your toodledo account AWESOME!)

Evernote/Google Docs - Document Management
Derek Erb

Posted: Mar 02, 2009
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Outlook (e-mail is 90% of my life; all my contacts and calendar)

ToodleDo (used to be RTM up until very recently) (although I am now looking in to the others mentioned here)

LogMeIn (tech support and installations on my clients' computers and all my computers at home)

NetSuite (accounting)

Twitter (and a bit of Facebook) - believe it or not I get a lot of tech news through Twitter


Mozy Online Backup (but that's done automatically)

Tech Blogs & Podcasts

Splash ID (accounts, passwords, ...)

Zenbe Lists (for ... well... lists)

TextPad (basic text editor for programming)

And a bit of Word and Excel

Posted: Mar 29, 2009
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Toodledo (on, Google home page and Ipod).

Visual Studio is another app I use daily. I know this is pretty specialized, but a Toodledo plugin for Visual Studio would be just awesome. Something that would link what project you were working on to a timer/task in Toodledo.

Posted: Mar 29, 2009
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I stick with Toodledo and OneNote 2007.

OneNote has my journal and reference material and you can add hyperlinks to this in you ToodleDo notes!

The other sites look intersting..
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