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GTD, Toodledo & project michka1111 2
When do you consult your list? clango 7
Where to put Waiting-for and Someday/Maybe? evholten 3
How can I easily add a task to another task that is not visible? richardfm 7
Write plans for goals by timeframe or by category? Nerva 7
Pocket Informant PT_Ken 7
Well, moving to something else. jeremiah.moss 7
Weeks-long engagements (e.g., museum exhibition) shay_public 10
Auotomatically change task status gregg.plummer 7
My GTD setup - Toodledo, Evernote, Todo, notability, iThoughts petejak 8
Areas of Focus -> Projects -> Next Actions FreeMindGuy 5
Setting up Alarm paulo.lupinacci 3
Why GTD Doesn't Work and Why I Like My Modified System is Better Skip to Page:  1 2 3 wksims86 41
GTD, Toodledo and 2DO Frederic.Andres99 2
Defining Next Actions When The Edges Are Not Concrete tristan_1300561911 3

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