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Posted: Mar 18, 2011
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I'm relatively new to GTD and just replaced my BlackBerry with an iPhone. Up until recently, I used MS Outlook to manage my tasks and sync them with my BlackBerry. My MS Outlook setup was very rudimentary (especially after reading some of the advanced setups described within this forum!). I used categories for my contexts, due dates, and listed projects as tasks.

I've read some of the posts about the Toodledo app versus the Appigo ToDo, and an occasional post about other apps. Since I'm just getting setup, I'd like some advice on the pros and cons for the top to do apps for the iPhone. Some of the differentiators I've seen described in prior posts are support for manual ordering of sub-tasks, folder synchronization, look and feel, etc.

Your thoughts on the pros and cons and why you picked your particular iPhone app would be much appreciated!

Posted: Mar 21, 2011
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I went with Appigo ToDo on both iPhone and iPad. I tend to have a pretty simple set up -- just a few lists, just a few contexts -- and am pretty sure that most of the available alternatives could have managed my system well enough.

I really had only two priorities:

(i) My system had to be capable of smoothly synching my lists between online, iPad and iPhone. I've been pleased on this score -- all three lists synch wirelessly and it takes only a second or two to do.

(ii) I wanted my system to be visually appealling. This is a personal thing, but I really like the simplicity and clean lines of the ToDo apps.

Posted: Apr 13, 2011
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I've been partial to Pocket Informant, it's for iPhone and iPad. A major point for me using it was not only for the Task Management but also for Calendar Management since the default calendar in the iPhone is less than useful.

For tasks it has modes for both Toodledo and GTD. I use the GTD mode and with that it still syncs most everything with Toodledo. You Next Actions will also sync. Pocket Informant will automatically make the next task in your project the Next Action when you complete your NA task. Unfortunately that does require ordering tasks which Toodledo doesn't do. Subtasks also work with Pocket Informant.

Have to say, I do not work for WebIS but I've used their products for years back when I had Windows CE.

Posted: Apr 15, 2011
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I've tried a number of todo apps for a day or two. I used Appigo ToDo for over a year but found it lacking. Switched to Toodledo and liked the way it synced with Toodledo online but it didn't work like I wanted a todo/GTD app to work. Also tried Awesome Note but the folder system just didn't work. I finally went with 2do and find it the best of the best. It is a little pricey ($6.99) but if I had purchased it first I would have been money ahead. Well worth the cost.

2do syncs with Toodledo, snappy performance, visually attractive, supports projects/subtasks, repeating tasks and other features and is continually updated. I am not associated with the app, just a very satisfied user.

Posted: Apr 16, 2011
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Honestly, only Toodledo's own app supports all the features I want to use, like contexts and folders (you can use one or the other with 2do but not both) and start dates (not supported by Appigo Todo, for example). The only real fault I can find in the Toodledo app is that you cannot make an item a sub-item after it has been entered; you have to do it when you enter the sub-item. Of course, on the web site, you can move items in and out of other items with drag and drop.
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