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How do GTDers implement a tickler?
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Posted: Jan 09, 2009
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The main thing I like about GTD is that I can stop worrying about things until they matter. I don't want to be reminded every time I start the system that I need to call Paul on Wednesday, but I do want it to appear on Wednesday. Is there a way I can do this within Toodledo?

Posted: Jan 09, 2009
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Here are a few strategies to help with this.

1.You can place modifiers on your dates so that they do not show up until a certain date. Here is the help article on it.

2.You can use the "start date" field. Go to account settings and modify the field used section. Check the box for start date.

3. There is a filter that you can used on the To do list on filters and look for the Show/Hide future tasks option. Click to toggle.

These three options should work for you.

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Posted: Jan 10, 2009
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Thanks Jeremy, a wealth of answers - I'm sure one of these will work! Thanks for the help!

Posted: Jan 13, 2009
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Jeremy has a great starting point. I personally use the start date field. But for ticklers to really work, in my opinion, you have to have a place to review them if you need to. This is what I use search for.

I use the "tickler" tag so I simply save a search of:
- Tag is tickler
- Checked off no

I use the "tickler" tag because I have "daily review", "weekly review" and "repeat" lists that all have start dates and due dates; consequently, I could not use a simple search for all tasks that have start dates after today.
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