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"Out of the blue" events/tasks
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Kevin Hardcastle

Posted: Aug 25, 2011
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Last follow-on question: What are YOUR personal best practices for do you negotiating those tasks or events that come out of left-field that disrupt your daily schedule but cannot be scheduled / deferred?

Posted: Nov 25, 2011
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I am interested in people's answer to this. I just found Toodledo and haven't even set it up yet. However, I work in a role where I get interrupted a lot.
Folke X

Posted: Nov 26, 2011
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Basically hove have no choice but to choose ;)

If the new thing cannot wait, and you are already swamped with other things that also cannor wait, then obviously the choice can be difficult. But the choice must be made, regardless of which to-do system you use.

Posted: Nov 28, 2011
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I either -

Do it if it take less than 5 minutes or capture it and put it straight away as a next action (I use a star).

However, the nature of my job is that I get a lot of interruptions and I basically plan for so many a day.

If I really don't want to disturbed I either work from home or lock myself away in an office.


Posted: Nov 28, 2011
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It depends what you mean by cannot be deferred/scheduled.

I work from home. If the phone goes, I can decide not to answer it if I'm busy with something else. They can leave a message and I will deal with it when it suits me. Or, if I answer the phone, and in my judgment whatever I'm told is so urgent it needs immediate attention, then whatever I'm working on will have to wait. If that means that I am late or not fully prepared for my next meeting, so be it - I will phone ahead or apologise as necessary. I have also developed a line in telling people that I don't have time to give their issue right now, but I can see to it tomorrow/next week/whenever I think I can.

My only rule is - I get to decide which is the higher priority - not the person who wants me to drop everything and deal with them right now.


Posted: Nov 30, 2011
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My only rule is - I get to decide which is the higher priority - not the person who wants me to drop everything and deal with them right now.

I agree. And would add that the ability to simply say "no", politely of course, is a great way to deal with constant interruptions. If people know you can't say no, they'll constantly bombard you with requests, many of which they could do for themselves if they took the time. I find that being realistic about what I can get done in a day helps a lot.

Posted: Dec 05, 2011
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You can always put it in the INBOX section , so you don't forget, and decide on what to do with it within the next few minutes or within the hour (so you don't procrastinate).
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