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Linking to external "Stuff" (f.i. OneNote)
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Posted: Jul 30, 2015
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GTD says to pick up "stuff" only once, clarify its Next Action, put that on a task list and (whilst not having done the task yet) keep the file in a action or project support material holder (tray, A-Z filing cabinet, binders, boxes, folders, whatever) for the physicall task data. And store it in archive later if required.

But what for digital attachments? Like everone I have everything everywhere. I love OneNote for being the perfect holding place for everything. But i also keep file in the traditional file folders of Windows.

Is it possible to have a task in Toodledo link to an external files, an OneNote page for instance?
What other external filing systems can be linked to from Toodledo?

And maybe more importantly: is it possible to add a task from OneNote to Toodledo like it does link to Outlook? This would be a major plus.
(Should I create a seperate topic on this? Perhaps on a OneNote forum.)

Tnx, Erwin

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Posted: Dec 02, 2015
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1) You can create a link to Onenote page, it creates an Office link and a Web link (if you sync to Onedrive). The web link would probably work from within Toodledo, but it would open the web interface of Onenote.

2) Native linking between Toodledo and Onenote is not possible and I wouldn't hold my breath on this happening anytime soon. About the closest you can do is to email your task from Onenote to Toodledo, possibly a macro could be written to automate this process. Or email the task from Outlook to Toodledo. Or buy gSyncit and see if this solves your problem.

But a closer Onenote integration is one of the main reasons I gave up on Toodledo and went to (while tasks don't directly integrate with Onenote, they can be synced to Outlook so a "manual" integration is fast and easy).

Toodledo is probably the best Task management system in existence but it really needs an Outlook client.

Posted: Dec 03, 2015
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It could be a suggestion for further task section developement (when the UI overhaul is finished), because both of these features are found in e.g. Todoist.

Ad 1): When you copy the link to the note (tested on OneNote 2013 desktop), two links are actually copied, one to the online version and one to the local one - it starts with "onedrive:..." protocol name. In Todoist, both these links (when inserted in the note field), do work as intended - when you click the latter, the desktop version opens.

However, Toodledo's note field does recognize only the first link. I think it can be added in the future - you can actually copy the "onenote..." link and paste it into your browser address bar (tested on IE 11) and voila! Desktop OneNote opens...

Ad 2): Linking from OneNote to Toodledo are difficult and not automatable, because to create a permanent link to a task, you have to do it inside Toodledo manually. Todoist creates these links to each task on creation, so you can make a IFTTT recipe, which creates a new note for the task and copies the link to it inside the note.

This seems to be quite a structural change in Toodledo, so I wouldn't count on it. You can, however, make a permanent link to the task and then copy it into the Onenote's page...

Posted: Dec 04, 2015
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The requests to have a native Outlook sync module are probably as old as the Toodledo service itself, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.
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