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Do you get payoff from having virtually all open loops in TD?
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Posted: Jun 02, 2009
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I'm new to GTD and only been using TD for < month. Still have not done the complete brain dump of all my loose ends into TD; putting some of them in TD seems slightly "insane" however they "qualify" as they'd take more than 2 to 5 minutes to complete. For those who have nearly all their open loops in TD, do you really experience "mind like water"?

Personally I get that from my daily meditation and as I carry that quality into my daily life I can maintain it. TD and GTD might be good principles and tools, yet I have some doubts and will adapt to my own needs/preferences. When I first read GTD I became hyper aware for at least a week of all the open loops in my life (that previously had not really caused much stress or concern). I have started to add these (and review my lists) AND more importantly have tamed the voice that says "Oh, you should put that in TD and get it off your mind" so that I can pause and immediately know if there is really some pay off in doing so right now, or whether it can wait for doing a larger brain dump later in the day or even tomorrow.

I think I understand the idea of having a trusted system, but it seems that the trusted system can include not tracking all things in TD (or on paper)as long as you have a clear set of inner guidelines for what goes in, and what uses the fairly tried and true memory approaches I have used all my life.

So would appreciate any insights and exp. sharing of those who have worked with the GTD principles longer than I have. I guess you might say that I am keeping my eye on the goal, and noticing when what seems like micro-managing my life adds stress rather than adds to an enriched life.

P.S. Perhaps ironically a goal that I have is to live my life without any need for GTD or TD; beauty, simplicity, power, focus, moment-to-moment action aligned with purpose, meaningfulness, poise ...
Vin Thomas

Posted: Jun 02, 2009
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I have "mind like water" when it comes to most things. There are some aspects of my life I have chosen not to incorporate into TD just yet (groceries, fitness goals, etc). But this too will probably be integrated soon. I use it mostly for work. And for that it is priceless.

Posted: Jun 05, 2009
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The "Trusted System" you use can be made up of one application like TD or several. What ever makes sense to you, as long as you can trust on that system.

I have relieved a lot of stress since I started using GTD, but I am not going to say I achieved mind like water. I do try to dump everything into my system because I found value in not wondering if I needed to remember something.

This trust you have in your system is what allows you to not question or think about things you have to remember or do. You will always have things in your mind or we would be walking Zombie's. But the idea is to dump everything that you may need to remember at a later time or may have to do something with.

This will eventually allow you think more clearly and remove some of the stress related to remembering so much in your life.

The only way I get "Mind like water" is when I go on-line with my PS3 or XBox 360 and destroy digital versions of other people who I may not have an issue with, but allow me to release my frustrations on them. :-)

You need to consider adding this to your GTD process. It works. :-)
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