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Posted: Aug 17, 2009
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I'm trying to figure out some sort of best practice when it gets around to managing PRojects.

I use one Folder per Project I can come up with, as long as they have more than one action enbedded (as per GTD methodology).

I have created a Folder called "Projects" where I keep all my Active Projects. If a Project is not Active, it will not be in the Project folder.

I have found a flaw with this; keeping my Project list up to date during the week. I don't know about you but sometimes the Projects tend to shift around, getting completed, more added, gets inactive, reactivates and so forth.
The problem with my current way of doing this, my Project Folder is not really current. I notice I have Projects in there that have went unactive the last couple of days, some Projects are missing that should be in the list, etc.
I tend to always go back to looking at the whole complete list of Folders I've got and try to figure out what is current by looking at the names and this is quite cumbersome. I like having my Projects as Folders as opposed to having them as Tasks with Subtasks, so I'd like not to change this.

It would have been awesome if Toodledo would have been able to give me the option to set a Folder with a Status, such as Active, and then having that Folder tab turn into a shaded green color or something. And Hold Status would shade the tabs Red or whatnot.
Since my suggestion is something for the Toodledo developers to take care of and I'd have to wait for the update to become implemented, if at all, I'd like to hear how you other GTD:ers out there get by with this issue.

Thank you in advance, I'm really starting to get the hang of this and I'm not stopping for anything now. :)

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Posted: Aug 24, 2009
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I am not sure if my setup can be of any help, but the thread link is

I have some video links half way down the first page that will show you how I manage my Projects folder.

What I do is keep all my Projects in my Projects Folder and use the "Star" to identify my "Next Actions".

This allows me to always know which Project are currently active in my Radar while keeping any other Project that may not be something I can work on at the moment, visible to me at all times.

During my weekly reviews, I also decided if any projects need to be killed and removed. If a Project is on hold, it stays there until I am able to move the Next Action (Star) forward.

Not sure if this makes sense. Read my first post on how my setup works and then watch the videos. You may find something that will work for you or at least spark a new idea on your own setup.
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