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Let me know which tags you are using
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Posted: Feb 03, 2010
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I noticed that there are a lot of tasks that I would only consider doing on the weekend and so I made a tag for it so during the week I have those tasks filtered out of my daily search and then on the weekend I can easily pull up a list of "honey dos". Hope that helps someone else out there.

Would like to hear some more suggestions of tags that you guys use.

Posted: Feb 04, 2010
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I have an android phone and the slim webpage has had me go crazy with my tags (in a good way).

If I have something I need to talk with someone about, I put their name as a tag.

When I need something at Publix (it is a grocery store), I put that item as a task and Publix is a tag. Homedepot, target, office, computer, phone, Fry's, Costco, etc, etc....

And until the firefox plugin or slim site handles stars, I put a star in my tag also.


Posted: Feb 04, 2010
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My tags are simple:
business, family, personal, church

I handle most other things with Context, e.g:
work, home, calls, online, errands

So any household todos will be tagged either family or personal and context = home. I put a due date on for Saturday or Sunday if I plan to do it on the weekend.

Posted: Feb 04, 2010
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Most of you already know that I am using my Context for areas of focus / location and I use my tags for resource context.

With that said, my context are:

Proxstud (Personal Website)
Team (Personal Business)

My tags are:


This allows me to filter my list by my area of focus and to further filter the task by the resource needed. If I am at work and want to see only the task that can be completed with an Email, I will change my context to "Work" and my tag to "Email".

When and if Toodledo supports multiple context, I will add all these triggers to the context list and this will free up tags for other uses. David Allen states that context are used for both location and resource, so this would make things right with the GTD world. :-)

The setup I have now works just fine for me.

P.S. I also use Tags to track Energy level required for task.

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Posted: Feb 04, 2010
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I generally use tags for 2 purposes:

1. For tasks in my @Agenda context, I use the tag field for the person/people/meeting group name

2. For tasks in my @Errands context, I use the tag field for the place/store name e.g. Library, Supermarket, Hardware store name, Electronic store

Hope this helps


Posted: Feb 06, 2010
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I use tags for people I need to hold discussions with - I list the items for discussion, like an agenda, with their name as the tag.

I also use tags for places I will be and the things that can only be done in those places - this is not like GTD contexts, more likely to be geographical locations - I spend time in several different cities each month.

It is tempting to over-use tags - I did this when I was using Things and ended up with unmanageable lists - so now I just keep to these two categories.

Posted: Feb 06, 2010
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Thanks for the feedback! You guys have given me great ideas. Toodledo is a great app, I am using it more and more.
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