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How do you filter out Waiting context?
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Posted: Apr 03, 2008
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I would like to keep from showing items in the Waiting context in certain situations. For example, I'm trying to use the scheduler, but one of the tasks it gives me is in waiting context so I can't really do that task.

I like how it's really easy to use the -1 priority to filter out low priority tasks from of a lot of the views - this is how I've done the "someday/maybe" list. What would be a good equivalent for the "waiting' list - such that you only see it when you want/need to? (e.g., use a folder instead of the context? just not sure....)

Posted: Apr 03, 2008
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I have had the same issue.

I do not use a Waiting context at all. Instead, I just change the priority to -1. It is certainly not ideal because when I review, I would like to see all my -1 tasks easily.

I have asked for a feature where a context can have a default priority. My Waiting context would be -1. Most everything else would be 0.

Posted: Apr 04, 2008
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I agree with the @Waiting for list, actually it would be great to be able to filter out some contexts especially in the Hotlist.

e.g. I have a tasked finiseh but I am waiting for an answer the I just move it from context @XY to @waiting for and maybe add a short note.
this task can still have prio 3 but I am please do not show in hotlist etc.

Posted: Apr 04, 2008
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You'd be better off using folders for task state, and the contexts for the general "area". So you'd have an Action folder and a Waiting Folder, for example.

Posted: Apr 09, 2008
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I just use folders for "Waiting For" and "Someday Maybe." I give all items in the "Waiting For" folder a priority of 0, and no "Due Date," so they do not show up in my hotlist. I give all "Someday/Maybe" items a -1 priority. Then when I am doing my Weekly Review, I just check the folders.

Posted: Apr 23, 2008
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I agree because I love that there is a time limit on reoccuring. But I often find it confusing that the item pops up after I just complted it. It almost makes me feel like the items I am getting off my list are just being put back on mentally. A little overwhelming and kinda defeats the purpose if I can't seem to hide them until I am done with things on my current list. Because I really don't want to change the priority then change it back.
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