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How about create some folder for goals?
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Posted: Feb 21, 2009
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Hi the toodledo makers,

I've just use this website for a few days and bought a pro account. I think it is a good online system to get things done. And one of my favorite things is the function of the goals. I use it to remind me all the things I want to do in my whole life. However, I found a problem. I mean, I guess I can still live another 40 years or so, so I still plan a lot of things to do. But at last, there are too many goals so that the it is a little bit difficult to find some single goal in the monitor in a glance.

Can I suggest you to make some organizer for the "goals"? such as, I can create a new folder named "travel", which I can put all the dreams place I want to travel inside. In this case, I can keep these dreams in mind, which I don't think I can realize in the recent years, and leave the main "goals" page simple and clean for those I need to achive recently.

Best regards

Posted: Mar 01, 2009
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I'm not sure whether Toodledo's goals feature is the best way to manage all of the goals you have for your entire life! Although, in theory, it would be nice to be able to put all of your "someday/maybe" goals in there, it isn't really what the feature was designed for, and if used that way it's likely to get overwhelming.

I think it works best if you only use it for your *current* goals (i.e. the ones you are actually working towards now, which could still be lifetime or long term goals), and keep a "master list" of all of your other goals somewhere else. Alternatively, use the notes field of the goals to keep lists of sub-goals; so you might have a lifetime goal to have travelled the world, which could have a few current goals (i.e. the travel plans you have for the next year or two) contributing to it, and a list of your future travel "dreams" in the goal's note field (which, in a way, is a bit like your idea of keeping these future goals in a folder).

I think, from a productivity point of view, it makes sense to keep the distinction between the goals you are currently working towards and the future dreams which you don't need to take any action towards now. It keeps your mind more focused to have an overview of your current goals without the distraction of things you have no intention to act on at the moment.
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