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Is something wrong with me?
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Posted: Jan 09, 2013
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What is that mental condition listed in DSM-V characterized by forming goals as a means of using cool productivity tools?

I got excited when I signed up for Toodledo so I can finally have a system to organize my tasks. Was hooked on it for some months, then the honeymooning period was over where I used Toodledo for a few years without as much excitement. Now I'm nearing the divorce stage where I've been cheating on Toodledo with mistress Omnifocus. The excitement is back, but I'm also realizing that I just enjoy trying out new productivity tools and having them organize my task is just a bonus :)

Who here is like me?

Posted: Jan 09, 2013
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I am the king of the task management junkies. I've been using task management software since before it was software,pen and pencil. But when I saw the first task management software back in the early DOS days, I was hooked. Others here may remember, if they survived long enough, the delightful TSR (terminate and stay resident) task managers. What a nightmare! I don't know how many task managers I've tried since, but I've used probably a dozen and researched many, many more, before deciding not to adopt them.

Funny you should mention this now, because I too am involved in a affair, this time with a new online task manager called IQTELL. Someone mentioned it here, and I've been playing with it for a few days now. It's very interesting, and the first thing to tempt me away from TD in almost 3 years. It's certainly not pretty (the pretty ones, like Things, always seem to have major personality flaws, like no development going on), but it's totally customizable, which is something I haven't seen in a task manager since my all-time favorite, Commence, which I ran a business using and stayed faithful to for years.

I have long since decided it's a hobby of mine, and I enjoy trying out new ones, even if I don't divorce the wife. I guess I'm just a task management s**t!
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