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Posted: Mar 12, 2008
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So, I guess I'll get the ball rolling and start an introduction thread.

My name is Jerry and I have been using Toodledo for several months. I am in sales, so I have a lot of stuff to keep track of and follow up work that I need to remember to do. Toodledo has really helped me stay organized. I don't know if it has increased my sales numbers, but I am definitely less stressed out and worried about forgetting something.

I assume that most people sit in front of a computer all day, like I do, otherwise why use an online to-do list? What do you do?
Bartosz Gajek

Posted: Mar 13, 2008
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I found Toodledo as perfect tool for GTD system which I think is simply amazing.

Posted: Mar 13, 2008
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Excellent idea having an introduction thread, I don´t think I´ve ever seen something like this before ;-) No just kidding, Jerry, that really IS a nice idea.

My Name is Roman and I´m a software tester and a consultant in Germany, and I´m constantly head over heels in several projects at the same time. Our company loves Outlook, but I never got the task section of it feel "right" for me. And as I´m a GTD follower (well kind of) I don´t like the idea of my tasks and projects scattered about in umpteen tools. So I checked out quite a share of online todo apps, but I´ve been sticking around with Toodledo since November. I really love it, and it´s getting better with every single change they make to it.
Oh, and did I mention how georgeous this looks on my iPhone?

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Posted: Mar 15, 2008
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I am a Senior Consultant and programmer for a coding environment called Lansa and am located in Denver, Colorado.

As a gadget and tool freak, I've checked out a lot of online to do lists but this is the first one I have spent money on. In fact, I only found Toodledo a little over a week ago and it has already blown away the other products that I have tried.I am a 'light' user of GTD.

Posted: Mar 17, 2008
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Right now I've got my hand in two careers: a tech-support consulting business and a commercial wholesale bakery (Yikes, what a difference!) and I may be taking on another position soon. So, yeah, my life is full of stuff TO DO!

I could nearly quote tjreo, except that I found Toodledo a few months ago. I've used at least 6 different apps that I can remember in the last 18 months. Due not only to the functionality and flexibility, but also to the rational pricing, this is also the first app I have been willing to spend the money on. I, too, am a 'light' user of GTD.

Posted: Mar 17, 2008
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I've been using GTD for a while, but have just recently run across Toodledo. It's absolutely fantastic, and is VERY reasonably priced. It's a lot less messy than paper and much easier than carrying a physical list around. I'm still trying to get the integration with Google Calendar that is synced to my Blackberry to work.

Posted: Mar 18, 2008
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I'm a grad student in Physics, hoping to be done my thesis soon, now that I'm starting to get the hang of Getting Things Done .. in my own way, that is.

I tried out dozens of To Do managers over the past .. uhh .. year, no, year and a half at least. Yikes! I eventually got pretty fast at eliminating systems that weren't going to work for me, but I'm pretty sure I wasted a lot of time along the way. At least my last transition was really, really easy: exported from RTM, imported into Toodledo.

As for GTD, I've been dabbling in it for about a year, though I've never actually done a Weekly Review. I am good at Collecting and Processing, and .. getting overwhelmed. I've been happy to let the Importance ranking let me know what to do next -- I'm starting to really take to heart the idea that the Importance of things goes up when I pass my self-assigned due dates!! All thanks to Toodledo.

I decided today to upgrade, and so I started the trial. I'm so excited to play with it some more, just to further convince myself of how awesome Toodledo is!

...I just hope I don't end up sounding like an ad for Toodledo when I finally post in my blog about it! :P

Posted: Apr 15, 2008
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Hello, I'm a Writer, Producer and Property Developer from London, so being well organised is rather important to me!

I've survived for years using notepads, A4 project files and real, old fashioned tags that you stick on to the edge of file dividers! However, I also love computers and I think the time has come to get to grips with a software solution.

I've been exploring the multitude of task management systems available and put Toodledo at the top of the list - it's very well thought out, unlike many of its rivals. It's powerful without being cluttered with a million icons, and a clean interface is something I value.

I'm only at the trial stage at the moment and I currently have six systems on my PC, but I find I keep coming back to Toodledo. I'll probably use it for personal task/time management and use a more project management oriented package for work.

It would be nice to have one package to do everything but I don't think that's feasible in the near future.

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Posted: Apr 18, 2008
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Howdy, I am a programmer from Western Australia and I found Toodledo from a Lifehack article about GTD. I wanted a web based task manager that I could use as a central respository for all my various todo lists and I really liked the interface. I also liked the fact that they published a well written API up front, which gave me an opportunity to integrate toodledo with Outlook and my smart phone.
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