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Offline alternative to Toodledo?
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Posted: Feb 05, 2010
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I've been tasked with replacing a paper based checksheet at work with an electronic version.

I can't really get anything suitable to work in SharePoint and I don't like the idea of a simply cludging a Word or Excel doc with check boxes.

Toodledo would be excellent except for it's online nature (I can't see the "powers that be" going for that). Could anyone recommend a good alternative?

Here's the features I'd like/require:

- Offline
- Recurrence of tasks (daily, weekly, monthly)
- Cheap/free

- Group collaboration
- Logging of who completed a task etc.

Thanks in advance.


Posted: Feb 05, 2010
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Posted: Feb 05, 2010
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Thanks Peter. Unfortunately, it syncs with Toodledo which means I can't use it.

Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well. When I say offline, I mean no information can leave our network. Group collaboration would have to be done via something like a network share or a locally installed syncing service.


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Posted: Feb 06, 2010
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I am also interested in finding an off line option to sync my itouch with my home computer. Does one exist? I am not interested in posting my lists on line.

Posted: Feb 06, 2010
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Have you considered Chandler?

'Chandler is an open source note-to-self organizer designed for personal use and small group collaboration. Chandler comprises a desktop application, sharing service and web application.' (from Chandler FAQ)

AFAIK it has all the features you list. It can be run purely offline - the web application is optional.

Might be worth taking a look.
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