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Posted: Jun 22, 2010
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One of the things I've had a hard time training myself to do is to reguarly look for the notes and/or subtasks that I've created for a given task. As a result, I will forget to do something rather important related to that task, simply because I don't remember to check...and, because there is no striking visual cue reminding me to do so.

Example: The task is "Garbage". Note created is "throw out old frozen fish". What happens to me is I take out the garbage..but space off tossing the frozen fish...because it is "hidden" in a note.

Although I know I could exercise the option to have the notes or subtasks shown by default, I do prefer the single line look. Given that reality, my suggestion is as follows:

-For any task that includes a note or subtask, could the subject line text for that task be changed (automatically, when the note/subtask is created) to somehow to give it a different look? I'm thinking either have it be italicized or have an astrisk appear with it (the subject line task text).

Anybody else having this problem? What do you all think? Are there other tricks anhybody uses to deal with this "problem"?


Posted: Jun 22, 2010
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I think the problem for you is the view mode you're using, grid vs multi line.

In both the webapp and iPhone there are icons that show up and change based on whether or not there's a subtask/note/it's-a parent-task.

On the web it's the page with a green or read line on it depending on whether or not there's a note, and the little purple opaque thing or multi colored icon to the immediate left of the task name for project/subtask. The latter shows up in all views, the former is only readily visible in grid view, unless you've clicked the blue arrow next to a task to check.

On the iPhone, the project/subtask icons on the right are similar to that of the webapp, and the note icon shows up as well (looks like a page with notes on it).

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Posted: Jun 22, 2010
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@kentpavelka - I use Multi-line view and have already requested that the notes icon be added to the main (displayed) task line. I think this is important for workflow and will help a lot.

As for tricks/tips on making it work and stopping things from falling through the cracks, I'd suggest the following:

1. Always leave sub-tasks set to "flattened". This is very important as it will ensure that subtasks are always visible in any view you use. If you set subtasks to either "hidden" or "indented", they won't appear even if a due date is reached (e.g. throwing out the old fish might get overlooked!).

2. A task's icon indicates whether you are looking at a standalone task, a parent task or a sub-task. Hovering the mouse pointer over a parent or sub-task icon also confirms its status. If you click on a parent task icon, it will display the subtasks. If you click on a sub-task icon, the parent task will be displayed above the subtask.

Here is what I do to help with my project handling (note that my projects are simply parent tasks with subtasks):
(a) I always prefix the parent task name with a "+" sign. This makes it immediately obvious in any view that it's a parent task.
(b) I always prefix subtasks with a "-" sign for the same reason.
(c) I also prefix subtasks with an abbreviation of the parent task name so I can immediately see what project they belong to.

For example...
Parent task:
 + AX2009 Upgrade Plan
 - AX2009 u/g: Review AX30 forms with JK
 - AX2009 u/g: Search for BI add-ins
 - AX2009 u/g: Get specs for test servers

I made an enhancement request to Toodledo recently asking if they would consider showing the parent task name alongside subtask names. This is how other services handle it - e.g. you see the task name and then in smaller gray text or in a reverse colored block alongside, you see the parent (project) name. This would avoid the need for me to include the project name prefix in my sub-tasks and in my view is an important feature needed in Toodldedo to enhance project handling.

Nonetheless I can live with what I am currently doing and it works well for me.

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