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Toodledo rocks!
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Posted: Nov 19, 2008
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I'd just like to say that I think Toodledo rocks! It's a great little application, and works pretty much exactly as I would want it to work. In particular, the offline access is very well done, being seamless and smooth (unlike, for example, Evernote, which is a complete nightmare for offline access).

Well done you Toodledo folks!!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 19, 2008
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Posted: Dec 02, 2008
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Posted by mr_many_notes:
In particular, the offline access is very well done, being seamless and smooth...

Offline access?

And yes, well done on the software, it's truly an enjoyable experience working in Toodledo.

Posted: Dec 02, 2008
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Posted by gjk:
Offline access?

I think this might be in terms of the iPhone/iPod Touch app.

Posted: Dec 26, 2008
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While I understand "me too" messages are mostly useless, I think one is warranted in this case - I just want to join the previous poster on praise for this service. I'm still trying to figure out the system and make it work to my advantage, but I'm so far very well impressed by how polished the interface looks, and how flexible the app seems to be. I also have the iPhone applet, which I expect to be my main line of contact with the backend.

Please keep up the good job, and you have another customer for life.

Posted: Dec 30, 2008
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It took me to get an Iphone to find Toodledo. IT took me a few headaches getting everything out of my Palm Pilot, and into Toodledo, and into the Iphone.

Now I have got over the New thing I don't know how this is going to work bug, I don't know how I managed before.

Now I am using Toodledo for all my task and Info management, I think your system is fantastic and only wish I had found it a long time ago.
Now I can properly centralize al the info management I need and it is then available then to me from multiple hopefully secure sources with minimal hassle.

Love it.

Posted: Jan 05, 2009
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I quite agree, i just found toodle yesterday. And I love it already. so much easier then trying to remember all the little things. Or where you put that piece of paper with all your notes on it :). Especailly for things you might not need for a while but need to remember.

Posted: Feb 03, 2009
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I think that toodle is awesome as well. I just found it and love it. It really helps me stay orginized. I have a problem with that. Just ask my teacher:)
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