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Windows Phone 7.5 Toodledo anyone?
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Posted: Dec 17, 2011
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Hello Toodledo community

I have Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.5 that means it comes now with SkyDrive 25 GB free storage. Anyone can use right now to create own app official SkyDrive API:

I used Omnifocus (, Astrid, Rememberthemilk and other 10 known programs for the TO Do task. Toodledo is awesome. Runs on anything but misses Windows Phone 7.5.

There is a good Italian developer Sergio Capozzi that created TileTasks for Windows Phone 7. That app works fine with Toodledo but I seriously cannot hunderstand why there is not an official app.

I HOPE the issue of this is not coming out because there are Plus and Plus Pro official purposals that are failing today to reach 25 GB of free space storage...

What I think is that Toodledo is awesome and needs to reach Windows Phone 7.5 community and not simply Android, Blackberry and Apple addicts.

Is Toodoledo going Windows Phone 7.5 official app or not soon? I am not a developer. If anyone needs my help for an Italian translation I can look at and support.


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Remi Beaulieu

Posted: Feb 03, 2012
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I second that

Toodledo is the best, windows phone is the best, its a real shame the 2 are not going hand in hand :)

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 03, 2012
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A native Windows Phone 7.5 app is not going to happen until there is a larger market for it. Our new mobile website ( should work well though.

Posted: Apr 11, 2012
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I'm a Proj. Mngr at a shipyard and a heavy user of Toodledo. I've recently abandoned iPhone and have moved back to a Windows Phone after a 7 month stint. Best thing I've done in a long time, BUT I miss a good Toodledo app! I used to use Pocket Informant and your native Toodledo app. I miss them both.

Your beta of "" works well as does "To-Do Task" from the Market Place. But there's room for improvement.

The big advertizing blitz about to start from At&t and Microsoft as well as the new Nokia phones hopefully will bring many more people to the platform.

Please reconsider building a native app for this great business platform.

Thank you!

Posted: May 03, 2012
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Thats a yes for me as well.

I'm a Pro Subscription user but since moving from iPhone to Windows Phone I haven't used Toodledo (since Dec 2011).

Toodledo is great but I'm not going back to iPhone.
Loving my Nokia.

Make it happen devs.

Posted: May 09, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about an app I've created with a colleague, it's called 2Day. 2Day is fast todo list which supports Exchange, SkyDrive and... ToodleDo !

Our website:
Our UserVoice website:

We listen feedback very carefully so feel free to contact us if needed !

Posted: Jun 04, 2012
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Hi Japf,

I've about to get a WP7, and a keen (pro) user of Toodledo. Moving from iOS where I used toodledo. I'll be sure to give you feedback on your 2Day as I use it.

FWIW, I'm a developer also and was wondering if there is scope to develop a toodledo client for WP7... but looks like you are all over it.

Anyway, look forward to using your app and providing feedback
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