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Posted: Apr 06, 2009
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Keith (or anyone), how should I sync 2 PC's, home and work?

Thanks, Simon

Posted: Apr 06, 2009
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hi simon,

Syncing with two computers shoudl bee Ok, but you run the risks of creating duplictes if there are significant time differences between the two machines or there is another external synchronization source (such as ActiveSync for a windows mobile phone) in the mix

I would use the context filter in the sync tool to restrict the tasks that sync to each of the PCs to a different set of contexts.



Posted: Apr 13, 2009
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I am running 0.99.6 and I have the following scenario/problem.

I run a copy on my work PC and it is set to only synch "Work" context, and the default context is "Work"

I run another copy on my home PC and it is set to only sync "Home" context, and the default context is "Home"

At first blush this appeared to work great .. then I restarted my home PC finally (hibernates instead of power off usually) ... I then noticed all sorts of task/Toodledo issues ... all context based.

It seems my outlook synch client is not "remembering" the default context once the SyncApp.exe has been restarted.

I have reinitialized the sync database .. no love
I have uninstalled and re-installed .. no love

Is there a way to make the default context "sticky" through an application restart?
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