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2Day: a todo list with ToodleDo support for Windows Phone 7
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Posted: May 10, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about an app I've created with a colleague, it's called 2Day. 2Day is fast todo list which supports Exchange, SkyDrive and... ToodleDo ! It is available on Windows Phone. We are also thinking about creating a Windows 8 version.

Our website:
Our UserVoice website:

We listen feedback very carefully so feel free to contact us if needed !


Posted: Oct 29, 2012
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Would love to see a W8 version from you guys. I'm a huge fan of 2Day on WP 7 & 8

Posted: Feb 03, 2013
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I've just installed a trial version of 2day onto my Windows phone and synced it to Toodledoo, but now most of my tasks on Toodledoo have disappeared :-( Has anyone else had this problem?

Posted: Feb 08, 2013
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How about for the RT version?

Posted: Feb 21, 2013
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I'm the developer of the 2Day app.

We found out a bug with Danielle which has been fixed with the latest version available today.

About the RT version we're thinking about it (we even have prepare development) but we don't have a release date yet.


Posted: Apr 10, 2013
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been a long-time pro ToodleDo user with an iPhone - very happy with that app; now have a WP8X and am looking desperately for an equivalent capability with ToodleDo on that platform.

I've installed 2Day and set up ToodleDo sync, but it appears it is only syncing "recurring" tasks - my regular tasks are not showing up.

Also, it appears 2Day does *not* support DURATION or CONTEXT, is that correct?

Posted: Apr 11, 2013
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I don't believe anyone here can help you, unless you get lucky and find someone else who uses 2Day. You might have better luck if posting to their forum, if they have one.
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