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Your official android app works well with MYN and 1MTD
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Posted: Mar 27, 2014
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Michael Linenberger's latest blogpost on March 10, 2014, ( shows how to configure Toodledo Android for MYN and 1MTD. He says: "Even though the app works great, the Toodledo folks plan to improve this app even more, primarily so that it better matches their iOS app, so keep an eye on rapid updates."

The first comment to the post is by Claudio Gottardi March 25, 2014. He says:

"Since the project started, I switched to Android Toodledo from Ultimate. The app , work well, has all the BASIC characteristics even if yet limited in some details.Pay attention only to one thing. If you choose Views Priority – not Ma in – and then list All Tasks you’d have an nfluence on the new task default. Even if you choose medium it force the priority of the view....I trust in the new coming updates."

I had installed and uninstalled Toodledo Android in favor of PiToodle. But after reading the above, I reinstalled Toodledo Android and I use it enthusiastically. It synchronizes well, and if I'm offline in airport mode, I can still use it, even dd new tasks. And it will synchronize with the web application the moment I connect back to the net.

Like Linenberger and Gottardi, I'm looking forward to the new coming updates. May they come fast!

Posted: Mar 27, 2014
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One thing I noticed with all of the Android Toodledo apps I have installed (PiToodle, Today on Toodledo, Toodledo Lite, and the official Toodledo Android) is that when I click on a link in the note field of a task, it does not open up the indicated web page (even when I'm connected to the net), as it does on the computer-based Toodledo. However, when I saved my online Toodledo page on my Android, as a bookmark and also saved it on my phone desktop and there, it does open up links in the note field. Is there a way to fix this in the official Toodledo Android app?

I hope it is fixed in one of the coming updates!

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