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Ultimate To-Do List Version 3 : UI Overhaul, Voice Mode, & More
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Posted: Dec 10, 2014
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Ultimate To-Do List version 3 has just been released on Google Play, and will be available on the Amazon and Blackberry app stores in a few days. The new release includes a complete overhaul of the app's user interface - to match Android 4 and 5 standards and conventions, and to provide easier access to key features.

General Improvements:

The user interface has been completely redesigned and modernized.

A new voice mode is available that supports creating, editing, and reading tasks.

Smartphone and tablet editions have been combined into a single app. One license purchase will unlock the app for unlimited use on any device you own.

Various split-screen options are available for larger devices, including 2 pane and 3 pane layouts. Separate layouts can be chosen for portrait and landscape.

The license is now available as an in-app purchase, making it easier to transfer to a new device, and improving multi-device support. Current license holders are not required to upgrade.

Task Improvements:

Easier access to multi-select mode, using a long-press on a task.

Multi-select mode now supports changing of contexts.

Dividers are now displayed in the list based on the first sort order.

Note Improvements:

A multi-select mode is now available, allowing multiple notes to be moved between folders or deleted.

Notes now have separate view and edit modes, making it much easier to view a long note with fast scrolling and not having the keyboard get in the way.

Widget Improvements:

New widget themes are available for Android 4 and up. These include options to add, edit, and mark tasks complete directly from the widget.

You can now copy the settings from another view into the widget's view.

Notification and Reminder Improvements:

You can now snooze a reminder or mark a task as complete directly from the notification.

The notification priority can be adjusted, and an option is available to use ongoing notifications (which can only be removed using the app).

Posted: Dec 11, 2014
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I have been using UTD and Toodledo on multiple Android devices and always thought UTD was the best Android App for Toodledo.
But what you have done now takes it all to an entirely new level! I just spent an hour recreating my views and widgets and am absolutely thrilled by this new app. Great 2 and 3 panel views perfect for my Nexus 7 and a widget that allows to complete tasks.
Great job!
How about an Windows Desktop version now? ;-)
Thank you,

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Posted: Dec 13, 2014
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Awesome! I have been using "Ultimate To-Do Tasks -Pro" Android App for a year now. IMO it covers all Toodledo's great features and extends it further with :
* Task Multi-select (by long press and taps)
* Google Calendar sync - Two-way - Instant
* Reminder on Start date/time
* Nagging Reminders in the Notification panel with variable Snooze
* Easy access Custom Search Views
* Widget - multi - scrolling - actionable - copying Views
* Voice task input (needs to be improved with variable volume/mute)

My Thanks to Jake of Toodledo & 'dnicholson' of Ultimate To-Do Tasks for providing us this user friendly Web and Android App, respectively.

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Posted: Dec 20, 2014
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Short and sweet...I think they did a great job. I am back to using it again full time rather than searching for another app with a better interface. Perfect (and probably the best) companion app for the Toodledo website.

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