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Posted: May 25, 2009
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Hiya, dear Toodledo PocketInformant/PI syncher!

Myself and couple of other Toodledo-PI users (PocketInformant PIM iphone application) have some sync mapping issue and we are trying to find a solution that will fit both basic as well us pro user of Toodledo.

The issue revolves around using Toodledo folders as either as PI calendars (which is prominently followed by pro users) or as PI projects (which is followed by basic users).

Using the Toodledo tags as PI calendar has also been discussed since tags are InlineEdited (and tasks are multi-tagged too) in Toodledo and many do not use them as PI calendars.

We are expecting to hear from fellow Toodledo PI users on this issue and about the proposed solution which might help both basic and pro users to customize their sync.

The proposed solution is a very very simple but its very powerful, flexible and scalable one (even when PI introduces Tags and Subtasks and when Toodledo introduce something like projects! Just a simple assumption, no whirlwinds).

Request you to check the detailed discussions at - and voice your opinions, feedback and suggestions. do-pi-sync-settings-for-basic-pro-users

Much appreciated your opinions, suggestions & voting for the feature. Many Thanks.

Affly Aamy :-)


Brief summary of the proposed solution

Sync Toodledo-Folders as "PI-Projects" (default) or "PI-Calendars" in the Toodledo Sync Advanced Settings (flushing out idea of Toodledo-Tags for Calendars)

Where the former results in

Toodledo-Folders <-> PI-Projects
Toodledo-Tasks <-> PI-Tasks
Toodledo-SubTasks <-> PI-SubTasks (when its available in PI)

and the later results in

Toodledo-Folders <-> PI-Calendars
Toodledo-Tasks (with subtasks) <-> PI-Projects
Toodledo-SubTasks <-> PI-Tasks (under projects if necessary)

Posted: May 25, 2009
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If you use PI, and this scheme is important to you, please vote for the request in the second link from the above post. Basically, this will allow those of us who use Parent tasks as projects to sync properly with the app.

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