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Posted Mar 16, 2012 in: How to Reduce Time Wasted on E-mails?
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"The spam filter of gmail I am using is not bad."

IMO Gmail's is actually one of the best, I'm very impressed with Gmail's spam filtering.

And if you are using Gmail, I'd highly recommend ActiveInbox. It works great with this type of method.

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Does anybody know of a way to repeat a start date as well as a due date?

I have a monthly task that can't be started at the beginning of the month - it has to be done near the end of the month, within a week of the due date.

Is there a way to have the start date change with the due date, so that it's not in my task list when I can't do it?

Posted Feb 20, 2012 in: Toodledo and ADHD
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Humm - if you get a reminder you want to snooze, you could perhaps change the due time. After all, you're simply telling it you want to do the task later.

The iPhone app seems to work reliably as far as I can tell. Just set the alarms to come from the device.

saskia.x does have a good point of learning to ignore reminders - if you keep snoozing everything, you may simply learn to ignore it altogether.

My biggest advice is to notice what works for you, and what doesn't. If something works, latch onto it and use it. If something doesn't work, forget it and see if you can try something else.

Posted Feb 20, 2012 in: Better location alarms
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"The location alarm system was designed to remind you about something that you may have forgotten about for a nearby location"

Perhaps something like "Home (3 tasks)"?

I guess the reason why I'm having issues is because I use checklists, in some accordance with "The Checklist Manifesto" by Atul Gawande.

These checklists are a bit different from GTD tasks: These are persistent checklists, never meant to be "finished" but rather meant to be referred to as a tool to prevent forgetting certain things. For example, I have a checklist I go through before heading off to work, so that I always arrive at work prepared.

These tasks may be tied to a location, but will never be marked as finished. However, since the location alarm is global rather than tied to certain tasks, it will always remind me I have tasks at the location, even if all of those tasks are from a checklist.

I guess I can set all of my checklists as being at no location, I think I'll go ahead and do that. I don't think I ever search for my checklist tasks by location anyways.

"From my memory, you are the third person to request this, so it isn't a popular request, but we still have it on our to-do list."

Well, it seemed good enough for Apple to add it :/. Being that Apple is known for its sharp focus on simplicity and minimalism, there had to be a compelling reason for them to add it, or it simply wouldn't be there.

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Posted Feb 20, 2012 in: Better location alarms
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Okay, I've got a bit of a bone to pick with the current location alarm system for Toodledo on the iPhone.

Because, to be honest, it's useless. I've just turned it off.

All it tells me is where I am. Which is hardly useful, as I already know where I am (and if I don't, I should probably be seeing a doc for Alzheimer's).

Also, the smallest alert distance is a mile. This is still a pretty large distance, and clutters up the screen when I'm in an area with several useful buildings close together (e.g., at a mall). I should be able to set much smaller distances.

What I *really* need to know is what I'm going to be doing there. Instead of a bunch of locations showing on the screen, it should be showing a bunch of tasks I need to do at the location. Preferably with starred/important tasks at the top. That's what I really need to know at a location, and what would be really useful for ensuring I remember to do what I need to do at the location(s).

I would also be able to set an alarm for when I'm leaving an area. iOS 5 has the ability to alert me when I'm leaving a location. A "leaving location" alarm would also work well with a reduced distance, as it's often a reminder to check that I'm not missing something.

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Posted by Toodledo:
We have just released an update to the mobile website that fixes many of the bugs reported already, including:

3) iOS web app icon

You may need to reload the webpage twice to get the update.

Please continue to send us feedback. Thanks!

I can confirm the iOS web icon is working :). iOS detects the new icon the next time you launch and leave the web app.

It's certainly not gonna replace the iOS app, but for those who don't want to pay for the app, it should work fine.

Score: -1

-Email field when logging in should be identified as an email field to the mobile device. Currently, it does not.

-Icon in iOS ends up being generic when added to the home screen.

-When added to the home screen, it acts as an app: It doesn't use a tab in Safari and doesn't show the browser chrome. This is great! Thanks!

-Doesn't show notifications, but I dunno if that is possible for a web app.

-Syncing is full screen currently?

-"Toodledo" graphic at top and many of the icons are a bit low-res. On the Retina display of the iPhone, that makes it look a bit blurry.

I'm gonna try to test both the app and the mobile website, to see what the differences are.

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Unfortunately, Toodledo isn't like Google - they're not constantly pushing updates to the website and apps. They tend to stay quiet for a while and push lots of changes all at once.

I don't agree with it, but that's the way they work.

Posted Oct 07, 2011 in: My semi-GTD system
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An interesting system, and a good one IMO, but there is one drawback: Saved searches don't work with the iOS app :(.

Posted Sep 24, 2011 in: Thank you!
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Well, after buying Pro for the first time, it's come time to renew for the first time.

Which I did in a heartbeat. Well worth it. THANK YOU for this great service!

Toodledo has worked very well for me.

I keep my shopping list in it, and bring my iPhone with me to the store. All I need to do is to go to "location" and pick the store I'm at, and I'm shopping.

(I do wish you could select distances smaller than a mile for the alert, however.)

I keep my checklists on it. Mostly for going to work so I don't forget anything.

I keep my wish list on it.

I keep track of projects on it.

The only thing I don't really keep on it are notes, because they lack the organization that tasks have :(. Well, I have them because they sync with other services, but I generally use the other services to organize them rather than Toodledo.

Despite its issues, it's still the best of its kind :).

Posted Sep 12, 2011 in: Traps that can be avoided
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Great suggestions.

When it comes to Trap 2, I just use the star system. I don't bother with the priority field itself.

I've also been using aviation style checklists via Toodledo's subtasks feature. Short lists for specific situations.

KISS is a good principle for TODO lists. Focus on what you're doing, not on the overhead of maintaining the system. A system with too much overhead is counterproductive. Strip away anything you're not actively using.

Posted Aug 08, 2011 in: A bit of simplification
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"Status: This is my main 'mandatory' field"

I actually hijacked Contexts for that, since I wasn't using them anymore. Wasn't totally satisfied with Toodledo's statuses, and they can't be edited.

"Due date and Time: Only for externally timed tasks"

Pretty much agreed - I haven't really used them that much except for when I really need to hold to a certain time.

I did use them a lot more in college, because homework was always on a strict schedule. Right now, however, my current job isn't so scheduled.

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"Fewer than 5% of you used this feature"

Well, that can still be a pretty significant number of people. I generally see 1% as the significant cutoff rather than 5%. Personal opinion, though.

Would like to see it more as a per-device thing than as a per-account thing, though. If I'm on my main PC, I want it always there (nice big 1080p), but if I'm on netbook, every pixel counts.

Posted Jul 27, 2011 in: Locations: How do You use Them?
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"I see duplication of effort or managing two similar attributes without the ease of use"

I agree. I've essentially gotten rid of contexts and replaced them with locations. The difference between the two isn't enough to really justify two lists in my opinion.

Posted Jul 27, 2011 in: syncronice iphone 4
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I'd suggest actually getting the Toodledo app for the iPhone and using that instead of tasks. It works great!

Posted Jul 27, 2011 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
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So played around with it a bit - not seeing any new features, but the UI itself is a lot, lot better. The layout is very much improved, it looks very professional, and I'm so glad it no longer looks like it was designed in the '90s :). It's much easier to use now. I definitely agree with the design decisions you've made so far.

. . . although I still wish multi-edit was available in more areas. And a few other things, but I guess now that you have a good base design, you can focus more on the feature side of things. Hope to see more improvements soon, this is a big step forward!

Posted Jul 27, 2011 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
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NICE first impression - can't wait to try it out! The interface already looks cleaner, although the real test will be with the functionality. Kudos to a good UI redesign, at least :).

Posted Jul 19, 2011 in: After reading "The Checklist Manifesto"
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So, I've read "The Checklist Manifesto," and it's a fascinating read. It's about a surgeon that invents a system of checklists, in order to reduce the number of errors in surgery.

Well, he doesn't really invent the system - he borrows from aviation, which has been using checklists successfully for a long time.

Now, these aren't your ordinary GTD checklists: GTD is all about things you do once, things that you finish. These aviation style checklists are about things you do on demand. A series of tasks that are repeated.

For a lot of stuff, this is actually a good idea. A checklist before I go to work. A checklist for cleaning house. Not quite surgery or flying a big jet, but I still think these types of lists can help with many of the tasks where we tend to forget things.

One of the issues I have, however, is that Toodledo has minimal support for this. It took a bit of work to come up with something reasonable. What I've done is to place "checklists" in their own folder, with their own goal and a context of "reference." The subtasks repeat "with parent." This puts all of my checklists in one place, with hopefully minimal interference with other tasks.

The thing is, however, the repetition - as far as I can tell, there is no way to set the repetition to be right away - the smallest unit of time seems to be a day. This is a problem with this type of checklist, as it's certainly possible that these checklists can be repeated several times a day!

So, yeah - it would nice if Toodledo supported an "aviation style" checklist in addition to the classic GTD checklist.

And oh, yeah - I definitely recommend "The Checklist Manifesto," especially if you're in a troubleshooting job of some sort.

And yeah - it's written by a surgeon, and he makes no qualms about describing his surgeries in detail - if you cant stomach surgery stories, it's probably best to have somebody who has read the book explain it to you.

Posted Jul 16, 2011 in: A bit of simplification
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As I worked on my lists, recently I decided to simplify a bit:

-I've merged contexts and locations. Everything is a "location" now. The reason is because locations, unlike contexts, can have a physical location. IMO making the two separate is unnecessarily complex, and a system needs to be as simple as possible to be effective.

-I've gotten rid of priorities. Prioritization is implicit when I sort my lists, and if something really needs extra importance, I can always star it.

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Posted Jun 01, 2011 in: Different statuses
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I guess I could use contexts or tags, as I'm not really using them anyways.

It just helps to have my workflow reflect what I use at work, as my work pretty much enforces a certain workflow, so I'm comfortable with it.
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