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I like using 2Do, but its time planning / time logging aspect is really not great. Anyone else planning their days/weeks in hours?

It's a pity ToodleDo doesn't go Opensource so I can just build it on my own server.

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I logged this bug a month ago, but didn't get any response...this is a pretty annoying thing that was broken in the [september?] update that is really slowing down my use of the product. Anyone else agree?


What were you doing?
Trying to create a task using the auto complete field '/' tool in the Quick Add Task bar

What happened?
When I used to enter in something like "Task /1" it would default to 1hr of planned work, which was very convenient. Now it defaults to 12:01am as the time, and this is pretty useless to me.

What were you expecting to happen?
The default would be to hours planned

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Ticket # 77277
Subject Auto complete / feature defaults to time of day now instead of hours
Created Sep 22, 2020 09:26 am
Status Open
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Posted Apr 25, 2017 in: New Section: Lists
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Hi Jake,

Here's my feedback on Task. Note I'm doing this on Chrome on a Win 7 laptop

Review Comments (mostly on the calendar view, which I live in)
* The calendar bar needs to be resizeable as it is pretty big...the dots system was great, and allowed a compact display
* There is a noticeable lag
* At present I don't like the double click to select one day in the calendar view. But I admit that being able to select two days may be useful.
* In calendar view, the "jump to today" button was really useful. Maybe keep it?
* Changing the date on a task is slower than it was...i just to be able to just click on a date and press "t" and it would change the date to today. Now I have to click and wait, and sometimes it gets stuck. The animation for the menus slows things down too. It adds up when I'm reviewing tasks and assigning dates one at a time

* I'm still keen to have sub-summaries of the time calculated by priority rather than just the total of all tasks

I'll keep using it and see how it goes...please don't get rid of the old interface JUST yet!

Kind Regards,