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Posted Oct 02, 2013 in: Re-ordering tasks
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Developers: here's why long-time users of Toodledo still yearn for - and consider leaving Toodledo for -- a list that can be sorted manually. While Toodledo provides marvelous functionality to assign importance, urgency and due dates to tasks, it does not give users any way to order their "today" list the way real humans often do. Not everyone can tackle particularly difficult tasks first thing; or several "big" things right after each other. We need breaks, variety, and down time...decisions made by even more complicated criteria than Toodledo can capture given how fickle human mental and emotional states are. An ordered list helps us move through the day, change our mind for irrational reasons, and ultimately accomodate the way we best work...whether that's rational or not.

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Hi, i'm not sure how to describe this without screenshots...any designers of userstyles, if you think you can help, please email me at dhbryant13 at gmail dot com so I can send you screenshots.

I understand that the current UI has significant drawbacks, and I'm not trying to reopen that discussion. I'm confident from the marketing page of Toodledo that my display is not the expected one. Yes, I have too many columns so have to scroll horizontally (ugh!!) I'm living with that. But lately I can't get the program to use the available VERTICAL space. Using Toodledo's own design (and also when using any custom style designed for the new look), only NINE tasks can show at one time in any screen. Then i have to scroll to the right to get to the scroll button to scroll you feel my pain? There's literally 3 inches of unused vertical space in the main body of the screen, compared to the left nav. What's gone wrong here?

I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 on a Windows 7 Home Premium (God help me) machine. I can't upgrade Firefox without software compatibility issues that are dealbreakers. Yes it shows correctly in IE but wow...I've made so many concessions already to be keep using Toodledo. Is there something I can do to use my preferred browser with Toodledo?

Posted Jan 04, 2012 in: Please hire a UI Designer
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One more vote: Update the UI!! I a free user trying to talk myself into a pro subscription. I really need the history. And I really hate the wasteful left column that makes it impossible for all the columns I need to see to be visible on one screen. This is not a window dressing issue, it's a functionality issue. Additionally, beauty does matter, and here's why: it's part of the human experience. I spend at least an hour in Toodledo every day. sorta like working out of a gas station bathroom. yeah, it's functional. Could it use some new paint and a clean wash of the floor? Oh yes it could.

These days, a welcoming appealing flexible UI is available free all over the place. It's no longer an optional item in software. For people who think in color, for example, the ability to color code would be oh so helpful. And yes, beautiful.

Posted Sep 23, 2011 in: Chrome Toodledo App
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How are you getting Toodledo to work in Chrome? It's nonfunctional for me in Chrome. I'm not yet a user, and trying to decide if i'm willign to deal iwth the browser switchign issues.