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Posted Oct 18, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Me too I will be leaving Toodledo, sadly. With a 300% increase, we'll still miss the most important feature that I am asking for since I subscribed the first time: multilevel subtasks. Better go on with paper and pencil or other cheaper tools. So long and thanks for all the fish!

Posted Jul 11, 2018 in: Future Plans
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I've been a subscriber of Toodledo for some years. I was never able to exploit its functionalities in a proper way to fit my need. For this reason, for some projects, I still ferquently make use of a desktop tool called ToDoList by Abstractspoon, that has some features ToodleDo doesn't have. Above all, multiple subtask levels, this is something that many users have requested in the years but has never been implemented and is something really very important in order to manage the outline of your tasks.
Another great improvement would be to provide a desktop tool, I don't mean just a web interface, but a real desktop application that speeds up insertion and working on your todo lists.
For all these reasons, I welcome the new developers and hope they'll be able to do something in this direction.
Thank you.

Posted Jan 08, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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I would greatly appreciate such an improvement as well.

Posted by lorlamothe:

I was wondering if we can add color coding - by folder or by tag
I would really like to see, visually, the different tasks identified by the color assigned to the folder. I think this will add visual appeal as well as ease of finding tasks in the long list of tasks I have listed.

Thank you for the opportunity to add a comment.

Lori L

Posted Dec 30, 2014 in: New Section: Habits
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Posted by Salgud:
I hope you're not casting the net too wide here. Would have been nice to have had the time it's taken to add this to make sub-folders in TD.

Happy New Year...

Same thought from me. Please introduce sub-folders and unlimited multilevel subtasks and Toodledo will become unbeatable among all todo-apps! Is it that difficult?
Happy 2015 from me as well!

Posted Dec 12, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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I agree with jbgoode when he suggest to rebrand under another name ... I never liked Toodledo. As I don't like Wunderlist, sounds to me like wurstel :)
Anyway, sticking to functionalities, another thing I'd like to have is being able to configure both lists of statuses and priorities, at least in such a way that one can choose from a list of values (may be the current ones) to pick only the ones he's going to actually make use of,

Posted Dec 09, 2014 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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In my opinion, these are the main drawback of current Toodledo implementation:

1) One level of subtasks only
2) Overall appearance, graphics of the website
3) Lack of an official desktop client, which would be very useful as working only thru the website is often slow and cumbersome.
4) Tags are unusable, specially from the web interface.

Posted May 22, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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Is there a way to turn off the newly introduced 2-columns layout on tablets, returning to the simple layout?
On 7-inches tablets it comes out rather crammed ...
Thank you

Posted Feb 25, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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I see. Why don't you have a look at DGT-GTD? That's, imho, one of the best GTD app and Toodledo client on the Play Store and has full functionality. Just a suggestion ... and thank you for your continuous effort in providing us with excellent solutions!

Posted Feb 24, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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I installed the app, it looks very nice but quite unusable in that it does not manage subtasks at all. Is it some setting I have to change or is it just a future development?
Thank you