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Chris Advena

Posted Aug 29, 2011 in: subtasks only go down one level?
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I hear the alternatives, but I have many complex projects. I need multiple-level sub tasks, AKA infinite nesting (hierarchy). An alternative would be folder nesting, but task nesting is much superior. If you check out DGT GTD (on Android), it allows infinite task nesting and syncs with TD. The problem of course, on TD, the nesting doesn't carry over. From a data model perspective, infinite nesting is as simple as a parent child table.

On a separate topic (yeah, I know, open another discussion forum), wouldn't it be great if TD recognized start date and time in the importance calculation? If I say i don't plan to start a task until tomorrow, i really don't want it at the top of my task list.

And, oh yeah, next actions. As with MLO, love to have task order where completion of the next action (presumably task 1) sets the status of the next task (task 2) to status = Next Action. Okay, task order is something of an issue. If you allow task order to differ logically from start/due dates, it could be more confusing than helpful. I wouldn't recommend hard logic, but a soft warning when a user enters a conflicting order and start and due dates dont make sense would be a nice to have.