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Jake, I think I follow this and just updated - I really appreciate your getting back so quickly especially due to the type of information I hope is still in there.

I may come crawling back for help again once I establish my new Android tablet - assuming I can get the external SD from my old tab to cough up a more recent back-up of what I had on my DGT GTD app, if I THEN sync again with my online Toodledo site, will the newer info 'take hold' on the online site too? (In other words, if I have updated an item in my app, that will update there too...right?) I am not an IT person :"}.

Again I so so appreciate your getting back (and hope you can reassure me about the last point) -

Please live long and prosper!! Arlene in Md.

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I had to ask 2 questions in the past so could not email my Q to DGT staff:

A while back I did not renew because I'd stopped using this online, mostly because at a couple of points when I synced to my mobile device, everything was duplicated (online) and it was a mess I didn't have time to deal with. I don't remember if I got an answer when I e'd for help.

Anyway, I'm about to start up a new tablet etc. and had high hopes of re-connecting in hopes the sync dupe is a thing of the past.

In looking at what's still here online, though, I realized I can no longer see sub-tasks (which I guess is why I can't see a bunch of itemsI know were in various folders and projects, including information related to my Mom's death.)

I'm quite happy to upgrade if I can be assured that I'll be able to see what WAS in there before. Can someone let me know?

And thank you! Arlene in Md.

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Hi, I really love Toodledo and the third-party app, GTD.

However, the last few weeks, when I've tried to open Toodledo, I'm getting the following message and then things just lock up, often to the point that I have to close down the browser and give up on using Toodledo -

"Stop running this script? A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive."

When this happens, it seems to just grind down to a near-halt even if I attempt to either hit the little x in the upper right hand corner, or tell it to stop running the script (by hitting 'yes').

This btw has been happening on my work as well as 2 home computers with Windows XP home/prof'l and I think Internet Explorer 8 on for all of them.

Can someone tip me off, hopefully in Human Speak? I was really really cruisin' along when I had both the online and app working together. Now I'm back to scribbling on paper notes when I don't have my tablet with me (w/ the app) and ... it's hard.

Thank you in advance for any help -- Arlene

Posted Mar 03, 2012 in: Facebook and Twitter Integration
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I myself am not real comfortable with Facebook and have seen so many meaningless twits (?) I have trouble sometimes understanding the utility -- BUT hey let's not beat up on our developer for a proactive, creative sidetrip that IS going to end up being 'just the thing' for some of us -- part of the beauty of the Toodledo approach, I think.

Developer people, really, I am so happy to have gotten my Samsung Galaxy Tablet (mine going by 'Ralph') when they first came out, if only!! because that led me to trying out apps (something I would never have anticipated earlier) and ultimately brought me to your SPLENDID service in part because your approach 'matched' mine for organizing etc (or ok, sometimes 'exceeded'), AND yours linked to some quite good apps AND because you think about things and keep us doing so as well. :"} Arlene