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If those tasks all share something in common, in the web interface on a desktop computer or a smartphone, the very powerful Batch Edit This List allows you to delete or otherwise perform many other operations on a group of tasks. That command is available from the V icon in the upper right of a browser screen just to the right of the Sorting icons. You can perform Batch Edits on the results of a Search. That allows you to select for editing multiple tasks that all meet the same criteria. I have a number of daily recurring items. When I complete them, a new copy is generated for tomorrow but I have the completed version of the same tasks for today. ~All such tasks that are daily recurring are tagged with Astrid, Zap. So I search for items that are COMPLETED and have the tags Astrid, Zap. Then I use Batch Edit to delete them all. And for any daily recurring tasks that I haven't completed, I do a similar search for uncompleted daily recurring tasks, then use Batch Edit to change the Start Date and the Due Date to tomorrow, then pick Save Changes.

That's one of the reasons I've been a Toodledo subscriber for many years. Just that awesome power.

P.S. to Toodledo owners. One of the reasons I don't use either the new or old version of the Toodledo smartphone app either for iOS or Android is that Batch Edit This List isn't available in the smartphone apps. Please add that powerful feature (AIA if it's already there and I just haven't found it!).

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I use Toodledo mostly on a big screen computer, using either MS Edge or Google Chrome. Voice recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 Professional Individual works very well for the most part with the Dragon browser web extension. However, to execute commands, the interface features have to have text labels. Many of the Toodledo interface elements just have icons and so can't be selected by saying "Click Folders." I can initiate searches by saying "Click New Search" or complete a Batch Edit by saying "Save Changes."

It would be great if there were at least a settings option to the GUI browser interface to make all the commands and organizational tools more voice recognition accessible. Perhaps this is already possible if I turn on accessibility features for my browser. But while Toodledo is being updated, please think of ways to make it more voice recognition friendly. There is a lot of repetitive typing and selecting in using Toodledo and it can be made a lot faster and less tedious with the use of voice recognition software. One can talk about 3x faster than one can type and when voice selection has the opportunity to work, one can also save a lot of time by not having to take one's hand off the keyboard to move the mouse, then put hand back on keyboard, etc.

I see from notes that I submitted this a Toodledo owner or two ago as a Feature Request in 01/13/2020.

Posted Nov 11, 2020 in: Apple Watch App
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I just got an Apple Watch 6 a few days ago. Toodledo on the watch appears to be broken. If you press and hold the screen, you get an option to add a task. (you need to be connected to your iPhone and have Siri active). Then you can dictate your task - holding your watch so that the crown edge is facing your lips works best as the microphone is right next to the crown. You can add a single task. It goes to your iPhone Hotlist. But if you press and hold the screen, you only get options to Delete or to Complete the one task that you added. I haven't been able to add a second task to Toodledo on my watch.

Posted Dec 16, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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I just got to renew my Silver subscription for one year for $19.99. Thanks, Aaron! Good Luck on bringing Toodledo in the future. I think that the price increase to $2.99 a month with improvements offered would be worth it if the history wasn't going to be limited to one week. That seemed to be the sticking point for many people.

But for all I get out of Toodledo, it's so very worthwhile to have the opportunity to renew at the Silver level for at least a year. Hope other folks will get the same opportunity and make the same choice that I just did and then help Aaron take the best path for current and new users on into the future. It would be great to have a variety of price point plans that work for folks like me, a 73-year old retiree with very simple needs, all the way up to folks who'd like to start a small business but don't want all the expense and complexity of planners that come built into other stuff they might or might not need - thinking of the Office 365 type of stuff here where none of the planners that I've tried all the way up to Microsoft Project and CRM software work anywhere near as well as Toodledo does for me.

Posted Nov 07, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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As a workaround for only a 1 week history, rather than COMPLETE tasks, you could simply assign them a context or a tag, such as a @D1107 context or a D1107 tag, then later really COMPLETE them and archive them at your convenience at some later date (I archive my completed tasks to my Office 365 Exchange Server account using the utility gSyncit). You'd get a false "date completed" but if you kept the artificial context or tag, that would document the actual completion date.

You could filter anything with an artificial "completed' context or "completed" tag out of a view to only see those tasks that are as yet uncompleted. And you can let these tasks marked "complete" by context or by tag hang around as long as you want, until you exceed whatever total storage limits Toodledo has imposed on accumulated "uncompleted" tasks.

I can appreciate how folks might abuse completed tasks by letting them hang around unnecessarily but only allowing a week of history before you have to archive checkbox completed tasks or have them removed is ridiculous.

I have complained to Aaron about the ridiculousness of only allowing 1 Week History for a paid subscription, especially when for $60 a year for an Office 365 Business Essentials subscription Microsoft gives me 1 TERABYTE of storage on OneDrive and I get 50 Gb of storage in my Exchange Server account.

So I'll see how my workaround for Task History works. One can also get a lot of the functionality of Toodledo out of the Android app The Ultimate ToDo List but instead of using it with Toodledo at a greatly increased subscription cost, one could simply use The Ultimate ToDo List with Google Tasks instead, for free.

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Posted Oct 17, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Posted Jul 17, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Zenkit pricing. There is the free version.

After that, it's $9/mo (ouch!)

Posted Jul 15, 2018 in: Future Plans
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I've read all sorts of time and task management books: Covey's 7 Habits, Allen's Getting Things Done, Linenburger's Managing Your Now, etc.

Of these, Linenberger's idea of controlling your time horizon, prioritizing your tasks, and not looking too far beyond tasks that are due today or tomorrow (except for strategic views) perhaps had the most influence.

But with all these task management approaches, I felt I was spending too much time reviewing tasks, changing tasks folders, tags, or due dates/start dates and getting involved in too much busy work.

So I still assign and change priorities as necessary to allow for changing priorities. I still use Start Dates to make tasks "disappear" into the unforeseen future when there is no need to be distracted by them.

But in Toodledo and related third-party apps for Android and Windows 10, I've found the handiest quickest thing to focus my immediate attention is to misuse CONTEXT. Normally in Allen's view of the world, context is the environment in which you are best able to handle a task, @work, @home, @computer, @phone, etc. I ignore this environmental context completely.

Instead, I've reinvented contexts like @IMMED (immediately), @Now (not immediately but real soon now), @Today (hopefully), and @Waiting for everything else that's real important but not likely to get done today.

I want to use Tags to categorize more broadly and cross-reference items so Tags are not in the running for use in relative to-do timing (and Tags are not easily assignable and removable from a dropdown that you only want to contain a few possibilities). And things have Priorities but the Priorities given don't really reflect what time relative to Managing Your Now that you need to do them. Context works great, it's easy to change in ToodleDo and associated apps and for any context of IMMED, NOW, TODAY, or whatever, I can still see a relative priority within that relative NOW categorization of what I should pay attention, too. And something I find that I've let lag and I really should get done forthwith, I can "reschedule" not by messing around with any dates, folders, or priorities but just by given it my @IMMED context. Even if I don't do it today or tomorrow, it will still be in @IMMED, which is where I would look first to do anything that needs to be done. If I want to make it disappear into the future but still be a high priority item to attack, I will change the Start Date into the future but leave its given relative priority in terms of intrinsic importance and its given @IMMED time management categorization as something that needs to get done immediately when it crosses the event horizon again, etc.

So my filter for @IMMED would be something like "Checked Off is NO AND Has context @IMMED AND (Has Start Date before Tomorrow or Start Date Doesn't Exist), etc., implemented as a named SAVED SEARCH. Same for the other context time-prioritization categories (contexts in my usage) except the other thing that defines @Waiting is just the @Waiting context assignment and Checked Off is NO.

And I control relative sorting order of my Saved Searches by using prefixes to the name of the search as necessary to control sort order, e.g. @A_(name) vs. @AA_(name), etc.

A final example of how this is handy is that "Comb the cat" is normally a low-priority daily recurring task. But if I've let it lag several days and the cat has already puked hairballs (and her lunch) a couple of times on the floor today, I can make this lowly task something deserving of my immediate attention to reduce future hair ingestion just by assigning it to the @IMMED context (misuse) without changing anything else about the task's normal priority (low) or its start/due date. And as soon as I feel the item has gotten the attention it deserves, changing the context to None (or deleting it in certain third-party apps) puts combing kitty right back in the low priority daily recurring setting it never really had to leave to get my attention by changing its "context."

Those who swear by Allen and "real" context will call this heresy - BUT IT WORKS GREAT FOR ME!

P.S. You also don't have to change any task's home folder location to bring it into your high-priority, should do immediately, do very soon today, or do sometime today views. You just change the context, nothing else. I think the inspiration of this approach was playing around with Microsoft's new To-Do app where there is a MY TODAY view and from any list folder within MS To-DO, you can leave an item there but make it appear in the MY TODAY view just by giving it a MY TODAY assignment. And when you remove it from MY TODAY, it's still sitting in its original folder. It can appear in MY TODAY whether it's a dated item or not. So misusing CONTEXT was my way of creating different relative NOW time priority MY TODAY views.....while leaving the overall real relative priority assignment in the universe of strategic tasks intact.

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Posted Jul 14, 2018 in: Future Plans
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On Win XP being MS's last great OS, I have been a Microsoft user since 1983 (DOS 2.0 or so) - before that I was a Unix/DEC terminal user/IBM punchcard user, etc.

It's nuts saying that Win XP was Microsoft's greatest and best OS. Try listening to folks who know, i.e., Windows Weekly podcast on Twit with Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley, Leo LaPorte as host. They feel that Windows 10 in its latest version is Microsoft's best OS, ever. And so do I.

Just the security issues of Windows XP disqualify it (but hey, that's no big deal)…..

Aside from trying to decide which Microsoft OS used to be best, it looks like Google is taking over the world with Android and Chromebooks, owns 60% of the U.S. education market with Microsoft and Apple each reduced to about 20%, so someday in the not-too-distant future, the relevancy of Microsoft and Apple may be far reduced and those of us still around may be most concerned about Android, a flavor of Linux.

So I'm just having fun and kidding folks who extoll Windows XP. But NEW OWNERS, just make sure ToodleDo runs great on Android and Chromebooks and the future is assured for ToodleDo...….!

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Posted by boydston01:
Posted by jenschiltz:
Hi, I'm a user of Toodledo for over 10 years and I use it all day long. Please don't change anything! It's a great tool! One request though, could you please enhance it so that you can select multiple tasks and change the due date? This would help efficiency immensely!

Which is it? Don't change anything? Or please enhance? LOL :D

Multiselect in one handy feature in the Android app The Ultimate To-Do List. You can discontinuously select multiple Task items and change parameters like Start Date, Due Date, Parent Task, Priority, Folder, Status, Context. It's also very easy to extend the selection to everything in a View or Search, then just deselect (discontinuously, if you want), the items that you don't want to be affected by the global application of your field changes. There is no "editing view," though, that shows you all the changes that you have collectively made on a group's properties if you are applying more than one change - so you have to have a good memory of what you've changed so far. It would be nice if the initially selected items would remain selected and there could at least be a view of what you've changed so far about them TO WHAT (it would be hard, if they all differed, to show the FROM WHAT past condition).

I use the UTL multiselect feature any time that I need this missing ToodleDo feature ….. (sorry, I'm too lazy to find jenschiltz's original post so I am just quoting boydston01....

Posted Jul 11, 2018 in: Future Plans
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BTW, for folks worried about backups and moving things elsewhere for whatever reasons, I'd like to recommend gSyncit by

I have been using it for years to backup and sync (and also archive important completed tasks for a record) to desktop Outlook. I have it set up to sync to a Tasks folder in my Office 365 and sync to my Office 365 Exchange Server account - and the two processes, ToodleDo to desktop Outlook, then desktop Outlook to the Exchange Server, can go on concurrently without any conflict..

Refreshing my mind a bit here, the lowest common denominator for gSyncit is desktop Outlook. If you move your tasks from ToodleDo to Outlook, there are then a variety of other Task Managers with which you can sync/move your tasks, e.g., Google Tasks, Pocket Informant, Nozbe, etc.

It's not perfect. For instance, there is no negative priority level in Outlook Tasks so I accommodated by ceasing to use negative priority in ToodleDo and I had syncing problems if I included the ToodleDo folder field in my Outlook backup (the dev said it was probably because the folder was deleted or renamed in ToodleDo between syncs).

But other than that hiccup for me, you can add ToodleDo Task fields as user-defined custom fields to your Outlook Tasks folder, etc.

My main reason for syncing to Outlook is I can get by with a Silver subscription (have since 2011) except for the fact that COMPLETED Tasks only have a 2-year life on a Silver subscription. By archiving important completed tasks to Outlook, e.g., home improvements, I can delete them from ToodleDo and do fine with my Silver subscription.

I also periodically make XML backups from ToodleDo.

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I think the problem with your analysis is in cause/effect/correlation and disregard of how relative business size/success factors into any maintenance of multiple versions.

You are attributing the demise of apps to changes after the sale.

I would say it's the (failure to change/adequately satisfy a need and) sale that leads to the demise most of the time. The actual changes made by any new owners may just be symptomatic of and correlated with the problems the app is suffering with its would-be user base. And perhaps the usual case is just the new owners no matter what can't pull the irons out of the fire.

On the old app vs. the new app versions, let's not mix apples and oranges, either, in two regards. First, the existence of old app versions of Office is largely for PHYSICAL "boxed product" versions of Office. Once sold, in the good old days, it was out the door as a disc. You couldn't bring it back or force your users to upgrade. But you still needed to keep them happy and secure. Now we're on to web-based products where you can force your users to upgrade. Microsoft does not maintain multiple versions of Office 365 or Windows these days unless you pay them a lot extra to be on a long-term enterprise plan for Windows, etc. They realize the drag maintaining old versions is on their business and would like to force all users into a Office-as-a-service, Windows-as-a-service business model where they only have ~one version to develop/keep secure, etc, and give you at most something like an 18-month window before you have to move on. Secondly, very, very large businesses like Microsoft can afford multiple versions to some degree because there's a suitable many-to-one relationship between customers and company programmers but ToodleDo very likely does not have the customer base to support the maintenance of multiple versions (remember: it got sold for a reason).

They say companies die because they get set in their ways and can't adapt to new business circumstances. Maybe companies also die because their customers get set in their ways, too, and won't give the companies the latitude to adjust to changing business circumstances, e.g. the folks who wanted to buy horseshoes down to the last blacksmith....

We are in very different economic times from the "good ol' days" and it takes a different business model to survive. Just ask Microsoft.

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Something I haven't seen mentioned much in this thread is that Slack, Hipchat, Teams, are the real future danger....

Some people say, "I use ToodleDo for my business. We depend on it. Can't change anything...."

Yet the reality is really hip users are moving to stuff like Slack as these more modern apps offer a lot of collaborative/"productivity" tools that are integrated or integrate with their product, including planners/schedulers/etc.

So the danger for ToodleDo, not much discussed here, is that real businesses of more than one or two people move on to these more organizational/collaboratively tuned apps that offer the necessary useful level of planning/task management built-in and folks with a team to work with don't find the same level of functionality in ToodleDo.

An example of a high-level of functionality in such products that ToodleDo lacks (AFAIK). You are a team working around something like Slack or Teams. You have a business arrangement with another company. You need to collaborate. What do you do? In Slack and MS Teams, you can have guests and share info and tasks as needed. Where are guests in ToodleDo?

So I think ToodleDo's new owners need to keep their OCD "old" users happy but still keep their eye on how the most useful planners for many will be those that integrate well with collaborative tools like Slack et al. on into the future.

Although a web search shows that Zapier can be used to integrate ToodleDo with Slack, actually searching the Slack app directory for ToDo apps that integrate with Slack shows ToodleDo nowhere in sight....

So those who say, "Don't change ToodleDo one iota," are behind the times and are pronouncing its death sentence.

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+1 on the Ultimate To-Do List. It's one of my favorite apps of all time.

Just wish there was a way (other than Blue Stacks, etc.) to run it on a Windows PC!

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I think bifurcating the product is a recipe for disaster. What do the third-party app makers do? Support both the new and the classic ToodleDo, etc.,??? If the problem with ToodleDo is that it's becoming marginalized by competition from new kids on the block, etc., changes that atomize ToodleDo users into different unrelated groups will further weaken rather than strengthen ToodleDo in the marketplace. And increase support costs for ToodleDo owners, etc., maintaining two codebases, running different server stacks, ….

Just look at Microsoft hanging onto Windows and Office. "We have the recipe for success! Why should we change anything one iota from what we're doing, etc." And look where that's lead them. Development of Windows apps is relatively dead.

I don't think ToodleDo would have been up for sale if its previous owners had the real recipe for success (if it looks like it's going to take over the world, would you sell your product? or just bring on new support that helps you retire to the Bahamas with martini in hand?!).

So I think the best thing for ToodleDo users to do is seek to preserve what's best and essential but suggest improvements that will help sustain ToodleDo in the marketplace. Those who think ToodleDo is already the best that can be must not have traveled very far in the PIM/CRM space (I've gone through Lotus Agenda, Ecco, Outlook, Pocket Informant, MS BCM, etc). There are so many aspects of its interface and use that are incredibly clunky, e.g., screens where some important navigation options are only at the bottom of a very long web page, etc. New functionality that looks like it's just tagged onto the old, like LISTS. Why shouldn't LISTS be well-integrated with TASKS (cross-referencing, etc). Take a cue from Wunderlist, etc., where a list item can be a task, etc.

The new owners of ToodleDo have assured us that change will be a very measured, studied process. Rather than claim that nothing needs to be changed one iota and thinking any change will destroy "classic" ToodleDo, I'd say put energy into improving ToodleDo to help insure it will be around on into the future. As soon as someone pulls the plug on the servers because they can't pay the electric bills, it's over. So let's help the new owners pay those electric bills by making ToodleDo a stronger competitor in the marketplace and not resting on the "laurels" of classic ToodleDo as the lights go out.....

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Haven't read through all the previous posts but besides a dark theme, having a ToodleDo "skill" for each of the various ambient AI assistants might be helpful to many users. I'm kinda a "Microsoftie" and I like to be able to set reminders and add tasks to Wunderlist using Harmon-Kardon Invoke Cortana. I'd rather do it with ToodleDo. I've set up ToodleDo to get Grocery List items and Shopping List items through IFTTT channels but it's kinda clunky. You can't create a new list on the spot. Using Note to Self in Android and the Ultimate To-Do List works reasonably well to add items to ToodleDo via the Ultimate To-Do List but there is too much manual interaction whereas with Wunderlist and the HK Invoke Cortana, you can create both an item and a new list for it to go into at the same time, all verbally. (Sorry, I haven't tried the Android ToodleDo app; it's so clunky, I hardly ever use it).

Don't know if the Ultimate To-Do List is for sale (to add to the ToodleDo stable) but by far, it is my preferred task management app. Some of its features and abilities differ from ToodleDo, like the ability to manually reorder tasks in a list just by dragging them. I think a good selling point of both ToodleDo and The Ultimate To-Do List is that you can use these apps as simply or as powerfully as one wants. I hope the new owners of ToodleDo if they add or change features will keep that it mind. A lot of users just want simple list-making/list-sharing as found in Wunderlist/MS ToDo as their starting point. It's wonderful to have the power of ToodleDo/The Ultimate To-Do List when you need it but an app that's easy to pick up when you first start using it will attract and keep the most users over the long term. For me, the reason I need/want ToodleDo above anything else is the ability to do very powerful searches, to save the search configuration as views, and then to do Batch Edits of a view as I need to (delete completed recurring tasks).

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I'd consider this a BUG because as I type a note associated with a task (and my notes are often multi-line), the text just keeps scrolling to the right and the beginning of the note scrolls out of the note box to the left.

Please bring back the wrapping behavior of note text in the previous Tasks web interface. I use notes with Tasks a lot and ToodleDo will become pretty useless to me if text does not wrap during the typing process.