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Posted Oct 15, 2023 in: Goodbye
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  • Joxn
  • Posted: Oct 15, 2023
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after more than a decade of using Toodledo, I made the switch this weekend and say 'goodbye' to a mostly fantastic service. Using a website/app for that long is certainly not the norm, but Toodledo was always there and could be adapted to my changing needs.

However, when looking at the whole iOS 17 mess - it really is a mess! - I lost faith that things are going to improve in the near future.

1. I am baffled to hear that the team insists to provide the legacy app via the App Store that continues to crash on the current iOS version. Everybody should be aware of the speed of iOS adoption rates. This means that basically in a few weeks hardly any customer is able to use the Toodledo version that is provided via the App Store.

This will lead to bad ratings and a reputation damage that I would expect is more difficult to repair than a broken app.

2. I have also tried the Next-Generation App via TestFlight for some time - I started using it prior to iOS 17 every now and then and made the full switch for a couple of days when my phone was updated to iOS 17. Like the team says the application is not ready. It is lacking a number of features and settings. I am actually slower than in the legacy app.

3. The communication in this forum does not increase my faith that the team is going to be able to quickly conduct a turn-around. There is no roadmap when the Next-Generation App will be ready for the App Store (i.e. ready for everybody) leaving the users in the dark. Also the time it takes to get an answer in the forum - if at all - is an indication that the team is either overwhelmed or does not have the means to make maintain Toodledo.

So yes, there might be a (limited) possibility (via TestFlight) to continue using Toodledo with iOS 17, but due to the lack of communication/transparency and general trust to pull things off, I am saying 'goodbye'.

I really hope for a change of hearts and that a great app is soon to be released, I will keep an eye open on this.

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  • Joxn
  • Posted: Jun 07, 2023
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I just tried the new mobile app on iOS and sorted the task list by importance, title and due date - just like in the legacy app.

In the legacy app, the highest importance is 8 with 3 tasks (2 tasks with high priority, starred and due tomorrow + one task with medium priority, no star that is due today) and 9 tasks in importance level 7, etc.

In new app, I have only two tasks with "importance level: 10" (the 2 tasks with high priority, starred and due tomorrow). The one task with medium priority, no star, due today is only part of the level 8 importance section.

Did I miss a setting how to adjust the importance? Is this a bug in the new mobile app? Or has this now changed in the new app for good?

First of all, I believe that a task that is due today should have a high importance - like shown in the legacy app - and secondly, also like shown in the web app. It is super confusing that the web version of toodledo shows a different importance than the new mobile app.

Posted Dec 25, 2020 in: Apple Watch App
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  • Joxn
  • Posted: Dec 25, 2020
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At first it looked like it was not working for me, too. I just saw an empty hotlist in the watch while the hotlist on the iPhone was not empty.

By doing a long press on the watch display, I was able to add a test task. This was synchronised with the iPhone and at the same time the watch received all updates from the phone.

Afterwards the watch was showing the correct hotlist and kept it in sync as expected.