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Posted May 09, 2013 in: iOS App Version 3.0.5
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I've had the same problems as others on both iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately even rebooting the devices hasn't helped. Will try uninstall/reinstall sequence and will report back.

Posted Dec 11, 2012 in: Toodledo for iOS downgraded
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I found the upgrade a big improvement and will be keeping it. I sure hope you guys are sorting the real usability issues (associated with the upgrade to V3) from the typical "I hate it 'cos it's different" gripes that always accompany a significant UI change!

I also hope that you resolve this quickly. I can no longer just click 'Update All' and instead have to select each App to update individually for fear of accidentally reverting to the old Toodledo UI. With a handful of App updates each day multiplied by various devices this will quickly become a pain.

Posted Dec 06, 2012 in: over-assigning my time
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I solved the issue of having to rollover unfinished tasks by using the Hotlist as my main view. I have defined the Hotlist to be:

a priority of at least 3 (which I never use) and
a due date within the next 1 days - which captures everything overdue or due today.

Simple and it seems to work.

Posted Dec 06, 2012 in: Fancy interactive graphs
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I've asked about this before (some years ago it seems!) so I'll bring it up again under this topic.

I want to be able to balance my workload. To do this I need to be able to see how many committed hours of tasks I have per day for the next, say, 30 days.

Just something simple like:

Overdue; 4 hours
Today: 3.5 hours
Tomorrow: 2 hours
December 7: 1.5 hours
December 8: 2.5 hours ... etc

Surely this is something that can be done via the fancy new reporting tools? Jake - I'm happy to contribute some funds to this if it helps bump it up the priority list!

Posted Jul 26, 2011 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
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I like it!

Posted Mar 18, 2009 in: iPhone App Updated
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Thanks Anders - I had no idea my iPhone app wasn't genuine Toodledo (doh!).

Have now switched to the 'official' Toodledo iPhone app.

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Posted Mar 18, 2009 in: Organize the ToTos
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IMHO this could be done really easily if Toodledo added a daily time tally to the multi-day views.

Toodledo already gives you a total of scheduled hours in the Today view. All that is required is for Toodledo to add a subtotal to each day in the Next 7, 7-14 and Next 30 days views.

Then you would be able to see how much work you hve scheduled each day and balance things up acordingly (taking into account known time required for meetings etc)

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Posted Mar 18, 2009 in: Timeline Possible?
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What would be really useful for me is to see - quickly - how much time I have allocated by day into the future. A simple sub-total on the 7 day, 7-14 and 30 day views would be more than adequate.

That way I could review my overall list and balance out future tasks according to how much time I have available each day.

Posted Mar 17, 2009 in: iPhone App Updated
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Sure hope the bug fix works properly. My iphone App is now entirely useless - just did a 'copy all from Toodledo' and all today's items are showing (on the iPhone) as Overdue, all tomorrow's items showing as due today.

Local for me is Western Australia. Out Daylight Savings finishes at the end of this month.

Posted Mar 08, 2009 in: iPhone App Updated
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Same problem here. Due today March 9 on the iPhone, due tomorrow March 10 on the desktop. Reluctant to purge, as I understand I will lose voice notes.