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Alex Brown

Posted Jul 16, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Thanks for taking suggestions. Looking forward to the update for Tasks. In relation to notes, they are a great addition but sorely lack formatting options and tagging.
Would love to see support for "Markdown" text with perhaps partial inline formatting (Like bold and header) or at least a preview sidebar. Could also do WYSIWYG if desired.

Would also be amazing to add a tagging feature inside the notes themselves.

So something like:

# Header
* List 1
{tab}* List 1.1
* List 2



So tags could be placed inline with the text to allow them to be easily found. Something like letterspace but online (

{tab} is being used as formatting is lost in the forum.

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Alex Brown

Posted Nov 05, 2014 in: Pocket Informant
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Pocket informant with Toodlefo is amazing! Adds the one feature I hat that TD does not have, natural language processing for adding tasks, Even supports formatted notes! More than the TD we app supports without dropping to basic html.
Alex Brown

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I moved this to a support ticket, please delete!

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Alex Brown

Posted May 04, 2010 in: Todo due date parsing
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The killer feature of RTM for me is the date parsing that allows me to enter a todo with a date and perhaps a context and have it magically set the proper values for the todo. Is there any such feature for Toodledo? Otherwise, Toodledo has some nice advantages.

I am experimenting with Jott as well and the integration. Is that my best integration option?