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Neal B

Posted Aug 27, 2015 in: Introducing the Ribbon
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  • Neal B
  • Posted: Aug 27, 2015
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Generally I don't like cosmetic changes, as it seems things ALWAYS get broken and it seems that efficiency ALWAYS goes down. Unfortunately, this upgrade of Toodledo is right in line.

The Ribbon is clunky.

1) The black icon description is useful for 30 seconds and after that is horrible. When the Ribbon is expanded the black text covers the names of the items under it.

2) The collapsed Ribbon state is EXTREMELY POORLY IMPLEMENTED. This is because selecting an item does not return the Ribbon to the original desired collapsed state. Instead the collapse arrow must be selected <u>every single time</u>. It's like having a menu that doesn't hide itself. Come on, DOS programs from 25 years ago handled this kind of thing correctly. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the contention that this adds more screen space is quite a stretch, as the only way the Ribbon is useful is to never collapse it.
2a) When the Ribbon is collapsed, mouse over the icon should show the items which can be clicked on without expanding the ribbon.
2b) Alternately -- and not as good as 2a -- if clicking on an item still shows Ribbon detail, then when an item is selected, the detail should hide, returning the Ribbon back to original collapsed state.
2c) Or when the mouse moves away from the Ribbon, detail the Ribbon detail should hide.

3) There should be a setting to completely hide the Ribbon icons, and then show them with a mouse to the left.

On another area, having a smaller font for sub-tasks is nice. What isn't nice is that the subtask font increases when there are no parent tasks in the list. There should at least be a setting to choose consistent sub-task font size.
Neal B

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  • Neal B
  • Posted: Jan 28, 2015
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Come on, Toodledo! When are you going to fix this?

I've finally decided to buy a subscription to get access to SUBTASKS. Imagine my EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT to find out that no matter what method is used to search for Tasks with Subtasks, we users must ALWAYS click another link to see the subtasks. This includes the very nice search criteria "Has Subtasks" "Yes", but also searching for my own project identifiers "Context" "is" "*Project" and "Priority" "is" "-1 Negative"

I find it INCREDIBLE that this has NOT BEEN FIXED. It's wonderful that you give away so much of the product to use. There's only a few key features to prompt a subscription, and I'd be surprised if Subtasks isn't the main one. Why then has this not been fixed so that those who pay to upgrade are completely happy?

My ANGUISH grew when I realized that this same request has been made REGULARLY for SEVEN YEARS.

Even this EXTREMELY SIMPLE and reasonable recommendation from 2008 has not been implemented:
When subtasks are hidden in search results, it would be better to have the "Show All" link next to the subtask icon, so the user wouldn't have to move the mouse across the screen each time.

I have discovered an unsatisfactory workaround. I can add "Is Subtask" "Yes" as an Or sub-criteria, and then change the search results Show Subtasks: setting to "Indented". This does show all the subtasks, nicely grouped under the parent task. However, there are 2 major and 1 minor problem with this workaround.

Major Problem 1: The Show settings cannot be made retentive like Sort settings can. This means that when I switch to or from searching for Parent Tasks (projects), I must MANUALLY change the Show Subtasks: setting, This must be done EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Major Problem 2: The search results do not display properly in iOS as there is not an "Indented" option. This means I have to create and manage TWO searches: one for Windows and one for iOS.

Minor Problem 3: The Parent Tasks / Subtasks are shown expanded. It would be nice to have them initially expanded or collapsed.


1. I think the best solution is to make the Show attributes retentive by list. This would have A LOT of value in many other ways.

2. Both Sort and Show attributes should sync to other platforms. It's tolerable that they can only be set at the browser version, but they really should copy to apps.

3. As a bonus request, fields used should sync across platforms. At least there should be an option to do this. However the field order must be platform specific, as on the iOS the first fields are the ones that also show their values in the task lists.

To end on a positive note, one search feature that does work PERFECTLY, is my "No Next Actions" search. Since I identify projects with the Context field, I do this:
"Check Off" "No"
"Context" "Is" "*Project"
"Has Subtasks" "No"

I then get a list of EVERY project needing a next action. WOW! It works PERFECTLY.

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Neal B

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  • Neal B
  • Posted: Jan 19, 2015
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On Windows, you make sort order retentive by going Settings > Save sort preferences on a per-list basis

Unfortunately, this isn't available on the iOS versions
Neal B

Posted Aug 08, 2009 in: Importing Notes with Tab Characters
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  • Neal B
  • Posted: Aug 08, 2009
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I am working on importing about 1300 Palm Notes into Notebook through Outlook. The challenge is that I made extensive use of the Tab Character (ASCII character 9), and to my amazement and consternation neither Toodledo nor the iPhone support displaying the Tab Character!

After numerous tests, I've discovered that both Toodledo and the iPhone actually store the Tab Character; they just don't display it.

So my current to solution is using VBA code to add 4 spaces after each of the tabs. While I was at it I had the code count them about found out there's over 60,000 tabs! This solution works reasonable well on the iPhone, where the table notes don't line up at all, but at least I can see what the different columns are.

However on Tooldedo, the leading spaces on a line aren't shown at all. This removes all identation and makes outline type notes practically useless. So, I'd consider this a bug with the website. Just like the Tab Character, Toodledo does store these leading spaces, but it just doesn't display them.

One other issue is that the Titles from an Outlook export don't import nicely into Toodledo. I've had to open the CSV file in Excel and use formulas to put the Titles in one column, and the Note without the Title in another. It's a hassle, but at least it works.

If there's a better way to do any of this, I'd appreciate feedback. Otherwise, these can be some comments to consider to improve the CSV import feature, and make notes with leading spaces display properly in the web interface. Also, if anyone has any background on why the Tab Character doesn't display on the iPhone it'd be interesting to know why it works (or really, doesn't work) this way.

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Neal B

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  • Neal B
  • Posted: Jul 23, 2009
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mr_many_notes is not alone. I'm trying to import about 1,284 notes for transfer to iPhone.

On the first pass only 1,043 imported. I've identified the missing 241 notes and will see if I can get them in. There's other CSV issues I'm encountering such as tabs converting to spaces and leading tabs being totally dropped. I may have to try exporting as an XLS files and converting the tabs to spaces.

I'd like to second the comment that Toodledo on the iPhone just displays the first two digits of the note count when there are four or more digits. For me, this only affects the All count.