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Posted Jul 27, 2011 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
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ok so I like the layout and features are working good. BUT how do I get a count of all the items I have on the list. I used to print it and it would give me a count now it does not? :(

Posted Aug 20, 2009 in: TAGS
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Can we add more than one tag? I work for a physician and have found this software to be useful except there are certain items that are not changeable. For instance under the "context" are I would like to add like a Drs name or something but when I changed it, it automatically comes as a new person. I am adding a task as a person per say, on the line I add all pertaining information but it all sticks together and not able to divide, under the tag I just add a hospital room number for that particular patient, each folder is a particular hospital, but there are other items I need to add such another "tag" since that one is the one I have been able to just add information next to. Need about 4-5 tags under one task??? Is that possible?