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Posted May 31, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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Posted by Duo:
As I indicated above The Android app is a real issue and as far as I can tell no one at Toodledo actually uses this app as their main/only mobile app....

I seem to remember Facebook had exactly the same problem. Like many people, I suspect, I make extensive use of a mobile app. Often the need to do a task become apparent when I am away from a PC and many of the tasks also need to be completed well away from a PC. For a while now I have used "Ultimate Todo List" for Android. I did try the official Android app when it first came out and wasn't hugely impressed so I avoided it for a while. I have now installed the latest update and it does seem to be better but if the re-vamp improves this still further this will be very welcome.

A fix for recurring dates so that choosing a day like the 31st doesn't mean the task is skipped on some months.

I gather this is for consistency with other applications which behave the same way. For me there isn't any right or wrong about that but it would be better if users were not taken by surprise. Simply failing to remind someone to do something because the date doesn't exist in a particular month may well be a nasty surprise depending on the task concerned. Maybe if you wish to keep the behaviour there should be a message, with an optional "do not show this again" if a user chooses to repeat on a day of the month higher that 28 warning about this behaviour?

Allow "day" to be a choice with recurring tasks - e.g. "the last day of the week/month/etc".

I guess this is not such an issue for weeks, which are fixed length, but for months this is important and, if it was possible, and obvious, how to set a due day of "the last day of the month" or even "three days before the end of the month" it may even avoid people getting burnt by the behaviour that applies to the last few days of the month above.

On the subject of communication and responsiveness I have to say my experience of Toodledo is that communication and responsiveness is much better than at Remember the Milk. A few years ago now I was torn between the two: RTM had locations and Toodledo had sub-tasks so I asked each to implement the missing feature. Toodledo quickly added locations and RTM argued about whether sub-tasks would make things too complicated. Nevertheless, each year when my membership is up for renewal I do look over there. Usually it is a no-brainer to renew with Toodledo but this year I noticed they had a complete re-vamp, have added sub-tasks and the harder repeat patterns like last day of the month is one of things they get right. In the end I did renew with Toodledo and yes, new non-task features were part of the decision, but the fact I had to think about it is an indication of how important the core functionality of tasks is so please use the redesign of the UI for tasks to iron out the niggles.

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A while back I asked about location awareness, i.e. synchronizing the location of a task with Toodledo and then using the phone's GPS to remind me when I am in the right location to carry out the task.

At the time locations had just been added to Toodledo and I was told the API had not been published. I see the location API is now documented so can I ask for the feature to be considered for development soon, please.

Posted Aug 31, 2010 in: Biggest Time Sinks
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E-mail and distractions.

The e-mail is quite legitimate though sometimes I get e-mail that has no value at all. As part of workplace habits it helps to always think about who one is sending e-mail to; what are you expecting each of those people to do as a result of receiving it? That helps avoid group-reply lists that grow and grow and where the discussion has moved on so it is no longer relevant to the people at the start.

All sorts of distractions are the enemy of productivity because they don't just take the time it takes to deal with the distraction but the time it takes to get back into the groove with your primary task. Phone, instant message, e-mail and people coming up to you are all culprits. Working from home I tend to get less of the phone and people coming up to you and more instant message and e-mail.

My response is to avoid dealing with e-mails as they arrive but rather deal with them first thing in the morning and between other, larger tasks.

Posted Aug 31, 2010 in: Repeating tasks and reminders
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I am having trouble with a particular repeating task.

Ideally this task is done some time on Sunday evening though the exact time is not important and it is not a disaster if it overruns into Monday, hence the repeating task rather than a calendar entry.

I can set the task with a start date/time and due date/time which means it appears in my task list at the right time and with a reminder set some time before the due time which then reminds me at a good time. I can also set this to repeat weekly.

The problem comes when, for some reason, I am prevented from doing the task on Sunday evening and it has to be done on Monday instead. If I change the due date/time in order to get re-reminded some time on Monday this new date/time is used for the next task in the repeating series once I complete the current task which is not what I want.

As an alternative I can set the task to repeat "Every Sunday" but this seems to fix the time component of the start and due date/time to 1200 which is also not what I want.

Is there any way to say repeat "Every Sunday at 18:00" or some such thing? I tried that but it didn't seem to work but maybe I have just got the wording wrong. Is there any other way to do what I am trying to do?

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Given that I will be moving house soon I will need to create a list of tasks to be done on the run up to the move. As this is the kind of thing many people do I wonder if there are any pre-defined lists out there. If anyone has their favourite I'd be very grateful.

By extension this got me wondering about shared list templates for all sorts of common projects where someone could import a list of tasks, add or remove as appropriate, and then start working with that list. Has anyone given any though to establishing a library of these?

Posted Apr 27, 2010 in: XML Import and Subtasks
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Having a need to create a batch of similar tasks I created an XML file modelled on the XML file exported by Toodledo.

As I wanted all the new tasks to be sub-tasks of an existing task I checked how the subtasks relationship appears in the XML file and concluded that a subtask has the value of its parent task in the <parent></parent> element so I created the XML file with the correct parent Id.

When I used the XML import the confirmation page showed all the new tasks as subtasks but when I clicked the Confirm/Save button and then went to my task list all the new tasks had been entered as top-level tasks.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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In my other thread I mentioned some things I noticed looking at ToodleDo with a view to migrating from RTM and Multi-Edit was one thing I was going to mention until I discovered it can be done via a search.

I haven't tried it yet though and I do think the people above have a point about being able to pick an eclectic set of tasks to receive the same edit.

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I am currently experimenting with ToodleDo and contemplating moving from RTM. There are certainly a few things I'd miss as well as some I'd gain:

1. A good native Android app. I did find one in the market that is giving me synchronisation problems and I see from the forums here that are two others, one in development and one in beta test.

2. Geographical contexts and GPS integration. One of the common uses for context is a particular place where the task has to be done. RTM can mark tasks as needing to be done at a particular place and record the latitude and longitude so a native app on a GPS-enabled phone can spot when one is close to the location concerned and show tasks for that context. I'd be interested in this for Android but I assume it could be done on iPhone too.

3. Access to saved searches in the slim version of the website. RTM has the same ability to name and save a search as Toodledo but in the case of RTM this then appears as a list (equivalent to a Toodledo folder) enabling the output of the search to be view on their cut-down website and in their native application. I can not find how to do the same with the Toodledo slim site.

If I've missed anything here and these things are already available but in a different way I'd obviously be very keen to hear. If not these are suggestions for new features.

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+1 for Android