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Herb Parsons

Posted Sep 30, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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OK, sorry to be "that guy", but I'm confused.

I've been trucking right along using Ultimate ToDo List, without checking in here, and wasn't aware of the crowd funding campaign. Is it still going on? I see there's a #3 stretch goal of $15k, but don't see how one contributes.
Herb Parsons

Posted May 30, 2012 in: GroupWise & The New Mobile Site
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I also found another tip that I personally like a little better. You can also use . Got this from the forums here as a suggestion to use with Outlook This seems to work a little more smoothly than the Android site.
Herb Parsons

Posted May 25, 2012 in: GroupWise & The New Mobile Site
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I had previously (prior to Aug 2011) been using a web panel pointing to within my GroupWise client. It worked great, until some changes in August of last year made it display incorrectly in the GroupWise client. I knew that the "target audience" of GroupWise users was pretty small, so chances of a fix were slim. I was disappointed.

Then today (four months late) I about the webiste targeted at mobile devices - , and decided to see if it worked. I was happy to see that it apparently works very well. So, for those one or two of you out there that use both GroupWise and ToodleDo, give the mobile site a try.

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Herb Parsons

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Not that the target audience is great, but this fixed, or at least gave me a work-around, for my Novell GroupWise issue. The changes you made on your main website in August of 2011 made the "web panel" view within the GroupWise client unuseable. Using the mobile site instead now works very nicely. Not the planned intent I know, but a very nice side-effect!