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Sadly it is a bug ignored by Toodledo, who seems to blame Outlook.

I spent a few minutes to test.

A test event imported from Toodledo into Outlook have this data:

An identical event exported from IOS have this data:
Re-exporting the first event from IOS also give the same data as the second one.

That date difference makes it appear as an all-day event instead of a zero-time event at midnight.

Maybe other calendars are more clever than Outlook to work-around format bugs at import but that is no excuse.
Clearly Toodledo should be able to export in the same way as other calendars.

Posted Jan 31, 2012 in: Timezone problems with duetime
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a related issue:
API doc says:
duedate : ... When fetching from the server, it will always be noon.

My experience is that it is not noon. It's midnight.

Well, actually I've not checked the POST responses but in the iCal that I can import into Outlook it is midnight.
That is bad because I want my week view focused on working hours.

Is there any setting I've missed?