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Posted Jul 09, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Jake, thank you for your dedication to excellence. Your app is very helpful in my electrical business. I use it to sort calls, priorities, differing tasks, follow up with customers. My only complaint is with the Google calendar. I have to do double work, posting a new job in Toodledo, and G Calendar. Toodeldo gives me the feature of sorting and listing the jobs, and G Calendar is where I put in the actual event with a date and details. I know you sync w G Calendar, but the problem is- it's very slow to sync, sometimes 24 hrs, and it is all or nothing. I don't want all my 300 some tasks displayed in the calendar when I just want to schedule 2 jobs. Also when they are displayed in G Calendar, you can't edit the tasks.
Please keep me current with changes.